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drfragercharEach  week, the show features interesting guests from the local community, as  well as nationally known educators and high ranking government  officials. Dr. Frager’s “open door” talk radio program gives his  listeners plenty of time for honest conversation addressing problems  that affect them.

“Let’s  Talk” gives listeners a chance to voice their opinion while asking  direct and sometimes indiscreet questions. Dr. Frager welcomes callers  to “feel at home” and describes his program as “a family gathering…a  time to talk over things, and figure out how to make life better”.

Dr.  Frager views his weekly Radio Show as a time to discuss today’s  problems and challenges individuals and families are facing on a daily  basis. He believes that by opening up the phone lines, he is reaching  out to help someone. With sincere, one-on-one counseling and our  headline-making guests, Dr. Stan attempts to help listeners and give  them a fresh perspective on an otherwise daunting situation, ”Let’s  Talk” with Dr. Stan Frager helps each listener work out their problems,  one person at a time. Come join the Sunday night family, every sunday from 8-9pm on 970 WGTKam.

The Dr. Stan Frager Show – Dr. Frager’s weekly Radio Show includes discussions covering today’s problems and the challenges individuals and families face on a daily basis.”Lets Talk” with Dr. Stan Frager is broadcast live every Sunday night from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST on 970AM WGTK, from Louisville, Kentucky.

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