Speaking to Your Group/Organization

Dr. Frager is renowned for his keynote speeches to a wide range of professional, civic and social organizations, blending substantive material with humor and fun. To download a copy of Dr. Frager’s One Sheet, click here.


Mosquitoes Get You Every Time - This motivational presentation emphasizes doing the little things that get huge results. Participants will discover techniques to improve both their personal and professional lives. Great for a kickoff meeting, after-dinner speech or keynote address. Turning Your Stress Into Strength – In this seminar, attendees will learn to recognize, manage, and prevent stress. These techniques will boost productivity, increase personal satisfaction, raise energy levels, and reduce the risk of burnout. The Making of a Champion – Management and Supervision Strategies. Effective managers and supervisors are critical to the success of any organization. Participants will learn proven ways to be more productive and efficient than ever before. Powerful Presentations – Public Speaking for the Terrified. If you hate to speak in public, you will love this seminar. Participants will learn how to face any audience with the calm and confidence of a pro, while delivering powerful presentations that get results. Team Development – A selection of exercises are available, including assessing team involvement, improving communications, and increasing cohesion. These seminars will strengthen your organization with an action plan for success.


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