Stop Smoking / Weight Loss

With this program you will receive two individualized appointment. In these appointments you will undergo hypnosis as well as receive therapy. There are also many handouts that you will receive, like information about foods that help with the cravings and what to do on the day you quit. The entire package, including the and your two sessions  is $200 and payable at the time of visit.

We offer two weight loss programs. One consists of four sessions over two months. The other is seven sessions over three months. Some people prefer the seven session program in order to demonstrate their commitment to themselves. The first session is approximately one hour in length and the subsequent sessions last 45 minutes. The 2nd session is normally spaced 7 to 10 days after the following session and following sessions are 2 weeks apart. Techniques include behavior modification, psycho education and hypnosis. The hypnosis sessions are tailored to fit your personal needs.

When appropriate you will receive targeted handouts and pamphlets full of tips and suggestions designed to make losing weight as easy as possible. The four session program, including the handouts and the recording is $300 and the seven session program is $500.  With this program you will receive two individualized appointments and undergo hypnosis as well as receive therapy from. The entire package is $200 and payable at the time of visit.


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