Tonight’s guests:

John Baumann (BOW-MAN) 8-9 PM

website: www.theInspiringEsquire.com, www.ParkinsonsAttorney.com

Book: Decide Success

John Baumann has his Bachelor of Business Administration as well as his law degree practicing law for 25 years. His life mission is now to “inspire as many people as possible.” His book, DECIDE SUCCESS, is one of the most unusual self-help books that you will encounter.  John is an inspirational presenter known as “The Inspiring Esquire” and a member of the National Speakers Association.

Topics for discussion (time permitting):

  • 1. There are so many books on success, what prompted you to write one?
  • 2. What differentiates your success principles from others?
  • 3. Can anyone be successful at whatever they decide to be highly successful at?
  • 4. You discuss “life-changing events” in your book, what are they and how does this relate to your book?
  • 5. I was particularly intrigued by your chapter on intensity and how you differentiate intensity from your chapters on best effort and prepared, I would love for you to discuss.
  • 6. How do you define “awareness?”
  • 7. What do you see the role of attitude to be in becoming more successful?
  • 8. What about “faith?”
  • 9. Your books subtitle is “You Ain’t Dead Yet,” where did that come from?
  • 10. What is next for John Baumann?

Extra questions:

  • How do you relate your success principles to your living with Parkinson’s?
  • Many of our listeners have had some sort of life changing event.  How can your principles help them?
  • When you speak of seeking out experiences, what kind are you talking about?

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Dr. Bob Tiell 9-10 PM

website:  www.jfcslouisville.org

Dr Bob Tiell has been a leading professional with regard to the delivery of Career & Workforce Development Services in the Metro Louisville region for several years.  He is the director of Jewish Family & Career Services, and manages the delivery of a wide range of career and workforce development services to the entire community.

Topics for discussion (time permitting):

  • 1. Can you tell our audience a little about Jewish Family & Career Services (JFCS) and what you do there?
  • 2. How much of a problem is unemployment nationally and locally?
  • 3. We’ve been hearing much recently about Occupy Wall Street and similar protests around the country. How does this connect to unemployment issues?
  • 4. What does the job market look like now? Are there some occupations or industries which appear healthier and may generate better employment prospects and some hope for the unemployed as we look ahead?
  • 5. We hear the term “chronically unemployed.”  What does that mean and how many people are chronically unemployed?
    6. How does unemployment affect a person psychologically?
  • 7. Why can losing one’s job take such a psychological toll on a person?
  • 8. How does being unemployed affect the person’s spouse or family?
  • 9. What other ripple effects does unemployment have?
  • 10. What are ways that folks can cope with unemployment?
  • 11. If someone’s been searching for work and nothing seems to be working, and they feel “stuck,” what recommendations would you have for them?
  • 12. Do certain people cope better with unemployment; or to put it another way, are certain personal qualities more conducive for being able to withstand difficulties commonly associated with unemployment?

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