Dr. Kenny Handelman       8-9 PM

website: www.AttentionDifferenceDisorder.com, www.ADDADHDBlog.com

Book: ATTENTION DIFFERENCE  DISORDER: How to Turn Your ADHD Child or Teen’s Differences into Strengths in 7 Simple Steps

Dr. Kenny Handelman is a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist who is an expert in ADD/ADHD.  He is an Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Western Ontario.  Dr. Handelman teaches other doctors, residents and medical students, as well as parents, educators and kids/teens about ADD/ADHD. He speaks internationally on the subject and is often interviewed about it on television and radio.  He conducts clinical research in ADD/ADHD, and writes the widely-read ADD ADHD Blog.

Topics to be covered, time permitting:

  • 1. What is ADD?
  • 2. What’s the difference between ADD and ADHD?
  • 3. Is ADD real?
  • 4. I thought ADD/ADHD was just for kids – can adults really have it?
  • 5. How does ADD impact adults who have the condition?
  • 6. Are medications needed for Adult ADD?
  • 7. Are there any alternatives to medication which may be helpful?
  • 8. If someone listening thinks they may have adult ADD (or they think their loved
  • one does) what are the steps they should take to get help?
  • 9. How can the differences exhibited by adults with ADD be turned into strengths?
  • 10. What are the risks to adults with untreated ADD? How does it impact their lives?
  • 11. Is ADD hereditary?
  • 12. Are the adults with ADD often impacted by co-existing conditions?
  • 13. What is “executive functioning” and how can it be improved?
  • 14. Why can an adult with ADD exhibit brilliance one day followed by weeks of  struggles?
  • 15. Why do you think that combination treatment—including both medication and therapy—yields the best results?
  • 16. Are there side-effects to ADD medications?
  • 17. Why do you refer to “Complementary” rather than “Alternative” treatments?
  • 18. Once an effective treatment is found, how long will it last?
  • 19. Is ADD a gift?

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Todd Stofka         9-10 PM

website: http://www.thebestweightlosssolution.com/

Todd Stofka who is the director of Philly Hypnosis. Mr. Stofka is an expert in helping people create success and make transformations by using the power of ones mind. He has several offices in the Philadelphia and works with clients worldwide. Mr. Stofka will be discussing hypnosis and neural linguistics.

Topics to be discussed tonight, time permitting:

  • 1. What is NLP?
  • 2. How does NLP work?
  • 3. Can you use NLP on anyone?
  • 4. What would be an example of an effective NLP technique?
  • 5. What is hypnosis?
  • 6. What makes it effective?
  • 7. What are the myths?
  • 8. How do you integrate NLP and Hypnosis to bring about more rapid behavioral changes?
  • 9. How do you use these with athletes?
  • 10. How do you use these with people wanting to loss weight?
  • 11. How do you use these with people who want to stop smoking?
  • 12. Why do you think NLP and Hypnosis are so effective when used together?
  • 13. Is there one area where NLP and Hypnosis never fail to get the results a client wants?–

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