Mr. & Mrs. Paul and Barbara Gerhardt 8-9 PM

website: www.gerhardtbooks.com

Book: Choice Matters

Barbara and Paul Gerhardt are the co-authors of CHOICE MATTERS.  The Gerhardt’s have lived in Sarasota for the past 39 years, during which time they have hashed and re-hashed the questions and concerns which provide the basis for CHOICE MATTERS. Their book seeks to stimulate thought and discussion on a myriad of issues and illustrate the importance of well thought-out, pragmatic choice in our personal and public lives.

Topics to be covered (time permitting):

  • How did you decide to write “Choice Matters”?
  • You are both in your 70’s. Did that affect your deciding to write about choice?
  • What drove you to be anti-life?
  • How can you say that the Bible is a pro-choice book?
  • What do you mean when you say you support personal choice at the end of life?
  • President Bush said, “Either we fight over there or over here”. What do you think?
  • You say that you are sick of wars – explain that statement and your opinion regarding a solution.
  • Where do you stand regarding choice when it comes to addictive substances?
  • You advocate the legalization of marijuana. What are your reasons?
  • What is your solution to the illegal drug and related violence problem?
  • What is the driving factor in drug usage?
  • In your book, Choice Matters you talk about concern for the middle class. What do you say about it?
  • Your book refers to 40 million undereducated American workers. What about that?
  • What can be done to provide jobs for our undereducated?
  • Why do you have a chapter on Theocracy vs. Democracy? Do you think that issue is relevant in the US?
  • How do you view the recent election when it comes to choice issues?
  • What kind of health program will work?
  • If you have a “Medicare for All” system, how can we keep costs down?

Michael Janocik (in studio) 8-9 PM

website: www.krla.org

Michael Janocik joined the right to life movement full-time in 1998 with the Kentucky Right to Life Association, Inc. He periodically guest hosts a pro-life radio show on WLCR, Holy Family Radio.  Janocik has written extensively on abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research and human cloning.   Janocik has been active in his church as RCIA sponsor and also served on the parish council.  Mr. Janocik earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Louisville.

Topics to be covered (time permitting):

  • Why shouldn’t a woman’s choice be extended to her infant, toddler, child, and teenager?  Why should society limit her choice to the unborn human being in the womb?
  • What criteria should society use to decide which human beings belong to the human family and which human beings may be relegated to the margins?
  • Who gets to decide those criteria and why?
  • Should a woman who “chooses” to kill her 2-day old infant be prosecuted for murder?  If so, why, and if not, why not?
  • If society gets to decide which human lives are to be respected and protected, were slave owners right to respect the mores of their culture and community and if so, does that mean the abolitionists were wrong to right the injustice?
  • Do you believe in intrinsic natural human rights, or only those rights that are posited by the state?  In other words, is the role of the state to protect human rights or to define them?
  • Some argue abortion should be allowed only before the point of viability – when a fetus can live on its own without depending on the mother.  Doesn’t that turn compassion on its head?  Isn’t it especially our duty to protect the most vulnerable and weak among us?
  • Nearly ½ of all abortions each year are repeat abortions.  3,919 women who had an abortion in 2010 in KY, 923 had their second, 323 had their third, and 253 had their fourth or more abortion. Source: KY Dept. for Vital Stats.  And the Alan Gutmacher Institute informs us that fewer than 1% of all abortions are from rape, incest, or life of the mother.  And of the top reasons given for abortion, health of the mother is far down on the list.  Does “choice” mean a woman may have as many abortions as she wants?
  • Isn’t abortion, ultimately, a “might makes right” philosophy that is incompatible with authentic human freedom?

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Boyd Purcell (in studio) 9-10 PM

website: www.healingspiritualterrorism.com

email: boydpurcell@yahoo.com

Book: Spiritual Terrorism: Spiritual Abuse from the Womb to the Tomb

Boyd C. Purcell has a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling, a Master of Divinity Degree in Biblical Studies, and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in the integration of psychology and theology.  Experientially, Dr. Purcell has over 40 years of ministry in counseling: agency, clinical, pastoral, psychiatric hospital, school, substance abuse, private practice, and chaplaincy — providing spiritual care at the end of life for hospice patients.

Topics to be covered (time permitting):

  • What is spiritual abuse and spiritual terrorism?
  • What is the cause or causes of spiritual abuse/terrorism?
    • What is legalism?
    • What is literalism?
    • What do you mean by “mixed-messages’?
    • What are some life-harmful consequences?
    • How does spiritual abuse cause General Anxiety D/O, Major Depression D/O,
      • Panic D/O, Suicidal Ideation, as well as other mental-health problems?
      • Doesn’t fear of hell keep people from doing bad thing including committing suicide?
      • What is psychopathology and how does it relate to spiritual abuse/terrorism?
      • Religion maybe toxic to mental health; people need to ask, “Is your religion killing you?”
      • Is there a difference between religion and spirituality?  Please explain.
      • How do the issues of control vs. empowerment come into play in mental health?
      • Your first chapter is, “Tattooed in the Womb,” what is that and how is that possible?
      • You seem to be an equal opportunity critic fear-based religion, by whatever name, in using the term “spiritual killers.”  Please explain this term.
      • You have a chapter on “Spiritual Schizophrenia.”  What is that?
      • You addressed the issue of “The Ultimate Dilemma.”  What on earth is it?
      • Some might misunderstand your assertion that “God is the problem.”  Please explain.
      • You compared capital punishment to eternal punishment.  Would your share your analogy of “living on death row’?
      • How does spiritual terrorism relate to the societal problems of divorce and remarriage?
      • You spent 14 years as the chaplain of a hospice; how does spiritual terrorism impact the lives of terminally ill patients in regard to dying, death, and grief?  Would do you mean by the concept of “better than God?’
      • You stated that not all forms of spiritual abuse are obvious.  What are some subtle forms?
      • How can listeners get help if they perceive they are victims of spiritual abuse/terrorism?   Can you suggest good books and offer other recommendations?

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For those who do not practice a religion that emphasizes the horrors of hell, read a little James Joyce to see how horrific believers believe hell to be:

Chapter 3, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (description of hell starts at line starting “– Now let us try for a moment to realize,”)

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