Justice Harvey Brownstone                      8-9 PM

HAS HIS OWN ONLINE TALK SHOW : www.familymatterstv.com

Book: Tug of War

Justice Harvey Brownstone became a lawyer in 1983, and began his career as a  Legal Aid lawyer.  Justice Brownstone is the only real sitting judge in the world to host his own online talk show, which features a number of prominent guests in the fields of law, social work, mental health and education, with a view to educating and enlightening the public on a variety of topics dealing with relationships, families, parenting, the justice system, and the well-being of children.

1. Why did you write the book, given the fact that sitting judges are traditionally NOT encouraged to engage with the public outside of the courtroom? 2. What is the main purpose in your book?
3. What was the reaction to your book from your judicial colleagues and from the legal community?
4. Why should family court litigation be a last resort for parents in conflict?
5. What are the alternatives to going to court?
6. Why are we seeing such an increase in family court cases?
7. Why do you say in the book that parents should always have a lawyer and should NEVER represent themselves in court?
8. What is parental alienation and how prevalent is it?
9. How are the views and preferences of the children brought to the judge’s attention?
10. Tell us about your online talk show, “Family Matters”, which can be seen at www.familymatterstv.com.  What made you decide to host a talk show?
11. Why did you decide to donate 100% of your royalties from the sale of the book to the Make-a-Wish Foundation?
12. Where can people get a copy of your book?

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Anna Moss                                     9-10 PM

Book: Relationship Red Flags

RELATIONSHIP RED FLAGS is a guide to relationship literacy. Author Anna Moss, a former technical writer for Microsoft, decodes the warning signs of dangerous relationships in 37 lessons. While this book does not chronicle the author’s experience, it does use graphic examples from her marriage to a psychopath to show readers how to recognize and respond to relationship violence and interpersonal abuse before it is too late.

1. What exactly is the scope of relationship violence and why do you call it the “other cancer”—how many lives are affected?

2. This book is described as a mind map or user guide. What does that mean and how exactly is it different from the rest of the literature on this topic?

3. You use the words “counterfeit” and “counter-intuitive” to describe both the experience and the principles at work in violent relationships. Please explain.

4. One of the reports on your website is “The Most Dangerous Day of Your Life”. What is that day and what can people do about it?

5. You write that relationship violence occurs along a spectrum of intensity. What distinctions do people need to know?

6. Are there some safe ways people can assess their own relationship?

7. You’ve stirred some controversy with your statement about the dangers of protection orders, which are standard operating procedure for social service providers. What do you know that they don’t?

8. You’ve coined the phrase, “abuse is a generationally-transmitted disease—you get it from your parents”. Please explain.

9. Most people think of domestic violence as physical abuse, but you say that’s the least of it. What is the worst kind of violence?

10. The book states that about a third of victims and perpetrators are hopelessly trapped in their own pathology. What do you mean?

11. You said you want your book to alarm and inform, why alarm?

12. You offer three solutions for how communities can deal definitively with abusers and victims in their midst with little or no cost. Please elaborate.

13. What do you see as the biggest need for preventing abuse?

14. Are the tools readers learn in the book transferable to other relationships, such as those they have at work and at school?

15. How can people get in touch with you or learn more about your books?

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Attorney Louis Winner                                8-10 PM

website: www.louisvillefamilylaw.com

Attorney Louis Winner has been practicing law in Kentucky for the last ten years.  He is licensed in Kentucky, Texas, and New York States, and he is a Partner at the law firm of Seiller Waterman, LLC.  The primary focus of Mr. Winner’s practice is family law including divorce, child custody, domestic violence, maintenance, business valuations, and relocation cases.  Mr. is the past chair of the Family Law section of the Louisville Bar Association and in 2006 was picked as one of the Top Attorneys under 40 by the Judges in Louisville Magazine.

8-9 PM: Family Law

1. What are the most common reasons for divorce?

2. What percentage of family law cases go to trial?

3. Are the family courts biased against men or women?

4. What are some of the more bizarre things you have witnessed as a family law attorney over the last ten years?

5. Why did you decide to go into family law?

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9-10 PM: Abuse and the most dangerous day in women’s life

1. What can women do to protect themselves from abuse?

2. What constitutes abuse in the State of Kentucky?

3. Is abuse limited to a socioeconomic class?

4. Are Domestic Violence Orders effective?

5. Should women take any additional steps to protect themselves from domestic violence, after the issuance of a DVO?

6. Are DVO ever issued against women?

7. Are DVO’s ever used to gain an advantage in custody litigation?

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Marie Metcalf                               9-10 PM

website: www.sevencounties.org Phone: (502) 589-1100

Marie Metcalf is a principal therapist at the Transitions program of Seven Counties in Louisville KY.  she does individual, group and family therapy with individuals who have experienced domestic violence.  Her clients include primarily women who have been victims of domestic violence however she also works with men who batter and children who have witnessed domestic violence.

1. What is domestic violence?

2. What causes domestic violence?

3. How is domestic violence risk assessed?

4. Why do women stay in abusive relationships?

5. What are the effects of domestic violence upon children?

6. What are some of the issues victims of domestic violence face?

7. What are some of the issues abusive partners face?

8. How are child witnesses helped to recover from domestic violence?

9. Is domestic violence an anger control problem?

10. Why do men batter?

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