Dr. Richard and Jane Horowitz 8-9 PM

website: www.growinggreatrelationships.com

Dr. Richard Horowitz and his wife are partners in Growing Great Relationships, (GGR).   GGR is a family and parenting coaching practice serving couples and families seeking to enhance family life and improve communication skills.   Richard holds a doctorate in education from Rutgers University and for over 40 years has worked with families and children in a variety of educational and institutional settings.   He is the author of the recently released Family Centered Parenting – Your Guide For Growing Great Families.

Jane Horowitz is a relationship coach who has worked for over 25 years with organizations, individuals and families on problem resolution and life-skills enhancement.  She is the 2010 recipient of the New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities Family Advocate Award.

Topics to be discussed (time premitting):

1. Does talking about the mistakes I make and have made in my life weaken me as an authority

figure to my children?

2. Why is it important to think about how and what we tell our children about our past?

3. Does admitting our weakness and/or mistakes help or hurt how our child perceives us?

4. What about the “hot topics” teens will probably ask us about?

5. How much detail should we give them?

6. How can I respond to these questions that validates the concern of the child without giving them the message that since their parents pushed the envelope and wound up alright, they too can indulge in these behaviors?

7. Can I say too much about my own shortcomings?

8. How will that affect my child?

9. What’s the balance we want to try to achieve?

10. What is so different about parenting today that is so different from when I grew up?

11. Why is Family Centered Parenting different from other parenting programs?

12. My dad spanked me on occasion and I turned out all right.  Why is spanking condemned by so called experts?

13. If I negotiate with my kids don’t I give up my authority as a parent?

14. My daughter used to look up to me, now everything I say causes an argument.  What is going on?

15. All of the parenting advice I have gotten says give kids time outs.  Why don’t you agree?

16. My husband and I differ about parenting, what can we do to resolve this?

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Peter Cropsey 9-10 PM

website: www.deadmanwaking.net

Book: Dead Man Waking

Prior to 1987, Peter Cropsey lived in motels and gang clubhouses, shot dope every day, and stole everything he drove. As a result, he frequently found himself in handcuffs. But when he was paroled from prison for the last time in 1989, Peter had a deep desire to change—and he managed to pull off what many believe is impossible. He broke his addictions, turned from crime and became a new man.

He is the pastor of a church called First Love in Costa Mesa California. He is also the author of a riveting novel entitled Dead Man Waking, the story of a young man determined to burn his life to the ground and a God who won’t let him.

Topics to be discussed (time premitting):

1. Is this an autobiography?

2. Are the characters in the book based on real people?

3. What caused you to turn to drugs at such a young age?

4. Did you have any mentors or people who tried to guide you in a different way?

5. Why was it that a formal education was so difficult for you?

6. Where can our listeners find your book Dead Man Waking?

7. How old were you when you were first arrested and what was it for?

8. Were you ever scared or intimidated inside?

9. What made living a normal life so seemingly impossible for you?

10. In 1989 when you paroled from prison for the last time what changed for you, how was it different?

11. Where can our listeners find your book?

12. You are a speaker in the public school system, what do you tell the kids?

13. You are involved with helping addicts and alcoholics find recovery, what are the main stumbling blocks to this?

14. Tell us a little bit about your Church, First Love in Costa Mesa Ca.

15. If our listeners have a family member who is, or they themselves are struggling with addiction problems what should they do?

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John Hockman 9-10 PM

I am married, have 1 child, 3 step children and together with my wife we have 13 grandchildren.  I graduated from Spalding University, Cum Laude, with a Bachelor of Science in Social Work and Graduated from The University of Louisville with a Master of Science in Social Work.

Topics to be discussed (time premitting):

1. With health care and insurance as it is today, what is the most effective avenue of treatment today?

2. With so many people having a duel diagnosis of substance dependence/abuse and a mental health problem, which do you treat first?

3. What is the most dangerous drug on the market today?

4. With teen and pre-teen drug use on the rise, what is the best tool for prevention?

5. What is the greatest challenge for females seeking treatment for substance use?

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