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Survival Medicine – Dr. James Hubbard -

Website: www.TheSurvivalDoctor.com
Book: Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid

James Hubbard, MD, MPH, is one of the nation’s top survival-medicine experts. At his popular website, TheSurvivalDoctor.com, he writes about how to deal with medical problems in a disaster or whenever expert help is impossible to get. Dr. Hubbard is often featured in the media for his expertise and is the author of three books, including his latest, Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid. He’s been a family doctor for over 30 years.


1. You say your book, Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid, goes beyond the usual first aid book. What do you mean?
2. How can an average, non-medical person prepare for emergencies and disasters?
3. What sort of emergencies and disasters are we preparing for?
4. What supplies should we have on hand?
5. What about in your car? At work?
6. Talk about common medical problems and what the average person can do about them?
Wounds?         Burns?             Sprains or broken bones?
7. Why do you like honey so much?
8. What are some other good typical household items that could come in handy during an emergency?
9. What about herbs? Oils?
10. Besides the Living Ready book, what other resources do you have?
11. Spring is here. What can we do for allergies?
12. What about hot weather?
What are the dangers?
What can we do to avoid them? to treat them?
13. What about cold weather?
What are the dangers?
What can we do to avoid them?
for treat them?
14. What can you do about poison ivy?
15. Where can you find your book, Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid, and you other resources?


Christopher Lockets & Jenny Cravens

Major Christopher Lokits has been with Louisville Metro EMS since 2005. He has a degree in Para medicine from Western Kentucky University. He is also a certified instructor in ACLS, PALS, CPR, as well as a Paramedic/EMT instructor/evaluator.

Jenny Cravens has been with LMEMS since 2005. She has been a Quality Assurance Officer for the past two years. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from U of L.

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