Michael Stone 8-9 PM

Website: www.unlearnsmoking.com, www.rmichaelstone.com

Counselor R. Michael Stone, M.S. is the creator of The Unlearn Smoking Success System™, a powerful but easy to use program that helps a smoker become a nonsmoker in 28 days by disassembling the Psychological Smoking Mechanism.  He has worked as a counselor for over 33 years developing subconscious communication and subconscious programming techniques.   Mr. Stone is available for interviews and lectures on The Unlearn Smoking Success System™ and other self-help psychological topics.  Acknowledging the importance between Mind and Body, Mr. Stone has also done independent research into the dynamics of remaining healthy. He has written numerous technical articles on Mind and Body topics.


Cheryl Eckl 9-10 PM

website: http://www.abeautifuldeath.net/blog

Book: A Beautiful Death: Facing the Future with Peace

Cheryl Eckl is a Life Transitions Expert who began her career as a singer, dancer and musical comedy actress. She spent over 20 years supporting and training leaders in a variety of industries. For the past 10 years she has run her own business as a professional development instructor/facilitator and transformational life coach, and she has recently completed a certificate in Transpersonal (Spiritual) Psychology.

Since her husband’s death from colon cancer in 2008, Cheryl has written a book about their experiences, A Beautiful Death: Facing the Future with Peace. She also writes about end-of-life issues on her blog at  http://www.abeautifuldeath.net/blog


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