Industrial Organizational Psychology ~ with Dr. Alfred J. Frager (Doctor Alfred)

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Tonight’s guest is Dr. Alfred J. Frager (Dr Stan’s son).  The show is about Dr. Alfred’s special field, “Industrial Organizational Psychology” and it’s relevance to industry, business, health, and society. 

Quoting from Dr. Alfred’s LinkedIN page “Through my employment and studies, I have developed experience and skills applying Organizational Psychology to many types of industries, with a specialization in health care. Experiences involve, but are not limited to: change management, quality improvement, safety culture, workforce planning, training and development, organizational, group and individual assessment, team building facilitation, statistics, and survey design.

I am currently working on a book project about workplace Loyalty with my father, Dr. Stan Frager. We interviewed 24 Generals from all four branches of the United States military about how to create a loyal workforce. We then apply these lessons learned to a wide variety of organizations and their leaders.”

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