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Tonight’s guest is Anne Murray (the FUN speaker).


Anne Murray works with people who want to discover how personality impacts communication and how communication impacts success.

Anne Murray develops communication skills by training people and organizations to effectively recognize and improve personal and professional relationships.  Her engaging presence, insightful and practical communications tips are delivered with charisma and captivating humor.  Attendees   are typically empowered with information about how individuals and their connections to each other create the dynamics that run organizations.


Affectionately known as the “FUN SPEAKER”, Anne Murray connects with her audiences to entertain, inform, and inspire. She is known for her ability to deliver her unconventional wisdom with engaging style and respect. Her customized presentations are lauded for her charismatic presence, irrepressible humor and extraordinary insight into human behavior. Her credibility as a professional speaker originates with her degrees in psychology, counseling, and interpersonal communication.

As a child, Anne knew she was different. She later learned that this difference was actually a giftedness for empathy, creativity, playfulness, and spontaneity. These qualities often got her in trouble in the Real World, but served her well in succeeding. As a professional speaker, Anne is rewarded for all those qualities which can be misunderstood by the workplace organization. She offers her audiences creative thinking, receptivity and unconventional wisdom for reaching their full potential. They generally don’t realize how much they have learned until sometime the following week because her sessions are so much fun.

  • Degrees in psychology, counseling and communication
  • President of the Kentucky Speakers Association
  • Showcase Speaker for Kentucky at National Speakers Association convention
  • Certified type trainer by the Association of Psychological Type
  • Former university executive and teacher of interpersonal and
    organizational communication
  • Columnist for Today’s Woman in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Leader on Loan for the American Association of University Women
  • Former state president of the Kentucky Association of Women Deans, Administrators and Counselors and the College Personnel Association of Kentucky
  • Named Citizen of the Year of Western Kentucky University by Associated Students
  • Member of Phi Eta Sigma, Golden Key, and Omicron Delta Kappa honor societies

WIT AND WISDOM WITH ANNE MURRAY, a series of one minute radio spots, airs twice daily. In syndication, this program offers communication tips for relationships at home and at work. Entertaining and informative messages are delivered to help improve the personal and professional communication skills of the listeners. Anne is a contributing writer for Today’s Woman, a magazine published in Louisville, Kentucky.

Her credibility as a professional speaker originates with her degrees in psychology, counseling, and interpersonal communication. Anne is President-elect of the Kentucky Speakers Association. A member of the International Platform Association, Anne is listed in the Association for Psychological Type Referral Network Data Bank. Qualified as a type trainer, Anne delights in working with organizations and corporations across the country.

As a university teacher of public speaking and interpersonal communication, Anne discovered the secrets of connecting with an audience and delivering a powerful, personal message. Her acclaimed sense of humor served her well in five different executive positions at Western Kentucky University, including Dean and Assistant to the Vice President. She is listed in Who’s Who in Professional Speaking, Who’s Who in the South and Southwest, and Who’s Who of Emerging Leaders of America. Anne has been designated a Leader on Loan by the American Association of University Women.

Anne has served as the state president of the Kentucky Association of Women Deans, Administrators, and Counselors and the College Personnel Association of Kentucky. She was chosen Citizen of the Year by the students of Western Kentucky University and holds memberships in Alpha Delta Pi Sorority plus the honor societies of Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa and Golden Key. Anne has two daughters, a Nashville attorney, and a Charlotte veterinarian married to a horticulturist. is a resource for Organizations, Companies, Institutions and Associations who need to focus on interpersonal and organizational communications.  Additionally, it is here to support the attendees or Anne’s keynotes, seminars and executive sessions.   Finally, it is here for those who have an interest in personality type.

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