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Tonight’s guest is Major General Michael Rochelle

Major General Michael Rochelle is the former G-1 of the United States Army; it’s Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO). Perhaps more than any officer since LTG Timothy J. Maude, the G-1, and senior-most officer we lost in the attacks of September 11th, LTG Mike Rochelle was the most well qualified Army office to fill that vital post.
After serving as the Special Assistant to the late LTG Tim Maude in 2000, General Rochelle assumed the role of Commanding General of the US Army Soldier Support Institute at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. There he oversaw the development of human resource doctrine for the active, Guard and Army Reserve in support of the total Army.
Approximately 100 days after the attacks of September 11th, he assumed command of US Army Recruiting Command for an All-Volunteer Army soon to be engaged simultaneously in two wars (Afghanistan and Iraq).
In 2006, the senior leadership of the United States Army selected LTG Mike Rochelle as the G-1, Chief Human Capital Officer for the United States Army at war. He retired from that position in 2009.
Major General Rochelle now heads MDR Strategies, LLC (the strategic human capital consulting company he co-founded with his wife of over 40 years). In addition to offering strategic human capital consulting services to public and private clients, General Rochelle also operates a thriving executive coaching practice headquartered in Northern Virginia. Coincidentally, I happen to know that his executive coaching practice provides the spark that ignites the spark in my friend Mike Rochelle’s eye.
Yes! Since assuming command of USAREC, in January 2002, at Fort Knox, Kentucky, Mike Rochelle, his lovely wife Grace, my wife Patty and I have been the closest of friends!
Join me in welcoming Major General Michael Rochelle, as our guest this evening.

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