Bullying ~ Kathy Hopkins

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Tonight’s guest was Kathy Hopkins

Katy Hopkins has her master’s in education and is currently a doctoral candidate in counseling psychology at the University of Louisville. She is a clinical faculty member in U of L’s Department of Counseling, Counseling Psychology, and College Student Personnel. In addition to teaching and clinical work as a child and family therapist, her research interests include bullying and youth violence prevention, as well as program evaluation.


  • How would you describe bullying?

  • Recently the media has focused a lot more on bullying. Is this suddenly a new problem?

  • How much do gender roles play a part in bullying?

  • Many schools have a “No Tolerance” policy when it comes to bullying. What are your thoughts on the effectiveness of this type of policy in adequately addressing school bullying?

  • Many parents are concerned about what to do if their child is being bullied at school. What do you suggest are good steps parents can take to help protect their child in these situations?

  • What should parents do if they discover their own child is a bully?

  • What strategies can a young person use to avoid becoming the target of a bully in the first place?

  • When a person is bullied, how should he or she handle it?

  • What about cyberbullying?

  • What can young people do when they see someone else being bullied?

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