8-9PM:  Beverly D. Flaxington

Book:  “Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets to Human Behavior”

Website:  http://www.understandingotherpeople.com/

Leveraging decades of exeriences working with people in many different
areas and experiences, Beverly Flaxington has found a way to explain
what we simply don’t learn naturally- how to understand and
communicate with others more effectively.  Her background as a
corporate consultant, college professor, hypnotherapost, coach and
behavioral expert comes through as she clearly explains how to read
the communication signals that others are giving and how to modify our
approach for greater understanding.

Questions to be asked (time permitting):

1. Why did you write this book?
2. Isn’t this just another book on communication- why do we need another one?
3. What are the five secrets?
4. What is the importance of each one and how does somebody understand
each one to be successful?
5. Can you give an example of each of the five secrets?
6. Why, with all of the resources available, do most people still find
communication in relationships so difficult?
7. Why are the holidays hard for some people with regard to dealing with others?
8. Should we just avoid difficult family members at the holidays?
9. How can someone in the workplace apply these ideas for greater
success in their job?  In the interview process?  Working with team
10. What about the boss who is always difficult at the holiday party?
How do we deal with him/her?
11. Is there anything we can do to get our difficult relatives or
co-workers to change?
12. Who can best benefit from reading this book?
13. Which of the five secrets do you think is most important?  Least important.


9-10 PM Mary Jane Mapes

Book: “You CAN Teach a Pig to Sing- Create Great Relationships”

Website: Mary Jane Mapes

Mary Jane Mapes, MA CSP, is the founder and president of “THE ALIGNED
LEADER INSTITUTE”, LLC, a leadership development organization.  Ms.
Mapes is an award winning communication/leadership consultant with a
track record of successes.  In addition to being a sought-after
keynote speaker and executive coach, she is the author of the book
“The Art of Fielding Questions with Finesse” and her brand new book
“You CAN teach a pig to sing- create great relationships…with
anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Questions to be asked (time permitting):

1. You refer to people with whom we struggle as PIGS.  What exactly is a PIG?
2. How did you happen to write this book?
3. With holiday season upon us, and family get-togethers inevitable,
many of us will be faced with having to deal with relatives who get on
our nerves.  Why do holiday’s seem to make the PIGs in our lives even
harder to deal with?
4. What makes difficult people so difficult in the first place?
5. If our listners want to keep peace in the family, are there some
things that they can do to tolerate intolerable relatives?
6. If it’s safe to say that almost every family has a PIG (painfully
irritating guy/gal), is it also safe to say that we could be their
7. How might a person know if they are being viewed by someone else as a PIG?
8. If our goal is to get our PIG to sing in harmony with us, what
suggestions would you have to go about doing that?
9. You’re a big proponent of active listening.  What is that and why
is that so important to working productively or living peacefully with
a person you find difficult?
10. Okay, so once you become aware of the negative impact that you
have on others, how do you change a relationship that’s gone south?
11.  You say in your book that people communicate from positive
intention.  You’ve never met my brother-in-law have you?
12. If a clash in behavioral styles or personality types creates some
of the tension people experience with others, is there something that
can be done to get in tune with the PIG?
13. If our listeners find themselves barreling down a negative mental
track when in conversation with a PIG over the holiday, is there
something they can do to quickly switch tracks before they say
something they’ll regret?
14.  You talk about putting on a CAPE OF ACCEPTANCE.  What is this and
how does it work?
15.  if you were to offer one piece of advice for creating healthy
relationships, what advice would you give?


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