From 8pm to 9pm our guest is R. William Bennett who will offer insights into the importance of apologies and forgiveness as exemplified  in his new book, “The Christmas Gift.”

In this moving book, Bill Bennett introduces readers to two sixth grade boys and their families – from whom we learn about the trials and tribulations of growing up, the fine line between right and wrong, and most importantly, the value of forgiveness.  This book will remind adults to not overlook the core values of their upbringing just because they are busy, overwhelmed with responsibility, or because they made an embarrassing error in judgment; and it will teach young people some very important lessons about the harm of listening to gossip and making assumptions about people.  A story for everyday, not just the holidays, THE CHRISTMAS GIFT will touch hearts, and create a wonderful opportunity for family discussion.

Website:  The Christmas Gift www.rwilliambennett.com


From 9pm to 10pm Dr. Felicia Smith and Dr. Tanya Stockhammer will be in the studio to discuss issues in child psychology, in particular of subject of stress — the stress of parenting, the stress of being a child.

Dr. Smith is an independently practicing pediatric psychologist at StrongMinds Psychology, PLLC in Louisville.  Dr. Smith specializes in diagnostic psychological testing, parenting training, and treatment with adolescents.  Also provides consultation on mental health topics to local agencies and organizations.

Dr. Stockhammer is a clinical psychologist who specializes in child, adolescent and pediatric psychology.  At U of L, Dr. Stockhammer served as the Director of the Keller Day Treatment Program where she was an interdisciplinary supervisor and clinical team leader.  Dr. Stockhammer’s clinical practice is now at StrongMinds, which she co-owns with Dr. Smith.  She specializes in the treatment of anxiety, mood, and disruptive behavior disorders.

Questions we will try to answer this hour include:

How stressed are we today?
Why is it important to manage stress?
What is causing the high levels of stress that Americans are experiencing?
If adults know they need to take care of themselves and manage their stress levels, why don’t they?
What can parents do to manage their own stress?
How do we know that children are worrying if they don’t talk about it?
What are signs of stress in children?
Are kids more stressed today than they used to be?
What is causing our children to feel stressed?
The study talks about a link between obesity in children and stress. Can you tell us more about the connection between the two?
How can we help our children manage stress in healthy ways?
Are there gender differences in how adults experience stress? How might this affect children?

A web site is coming soon: www.strongmindspsychology.com

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