Sexual Assault in the Military Ms. Lindsey Gargotto & Ms. Michele Varner

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Tonight on the Dr Stan Frager Show, Dr Frager will be interviewing Ms. Lindsey Gargotto and Ms. Michele Varner about sexual assault in the military.  You will learn the difference between military assault and civilian assault and how the VA is involved with these crimes.  It all starts at 8 PM; listen in.

Lindsay Gargotto is the founder and CEO of Athena’s Sisters, a grassroots organization run by and for military women for mind, heart, and body justice. She is an Air Force veteran, mother of two girls. She has MSW and MFA in Creative Writing.

Michele Varner is the Board President of Athena’s Sisters. She has an MSW and is the business owner of Two Smart Girls. Michele is a Navy veteran and the mother of two boys.

 topics for interview:

  • What is MST?
  • How is different from civilian definitions of sexual assault?
  • How do you go about reporting barriers?
  • What are the Athena Sisters?  How did you begin and what kind of work are you involved in?
  • What kinds of different approaches of therapy and community based services do you offer?
  • How do you monitor the overuse of anti-depressants as the typical healing practice?
  • Tell us about the masculine environment of the VA that deters women from seeking services
  • Recognizing the VA cannot be held responsible for all the systemic issues – that this is about about our community

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