What is Integrative Medicine? Dr. Paul Constante

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Tonight’s guests:

Dr. Paul Constante       
Website: http://dynamicmedrehab.com/about-us/     

Dr. Paul Constante graduated from Life University in Georgia and opened his first office in Mexico where he practiced for 8 years.  Dr. Constante suffered a broken neck due to a serious skiing accident and now integrates neurology with a progressive chiropractic and rehabilitation therapy to provide the most forward-thinking, advanced treatments available in Louisville.

Topics tonight -

  • What is integrative medicine?
  • How does the medical practice and Chiropractors work together?
  • How does this benefit the patient?
  • How does rehab fit into the plan?
  • What types of conditions are treated at Dynamic?
  • What is laser therapy?
  • Explain how your weight loss program works.
  • What conditions are commonly treated at your clinic?
  • Does insurance cover treatments?
  • How does spinal decompression work and what is it for?
  • What is your neuropathy program and what is your success rate?  (85% improvement average)
  • Do you treat osteoarthritis of the knee and how?

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