12/5/10 PTSD and ADHD


Dr. Jamie Scaccia: 8PM to 10PM EST.  Tonight’s show is about posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Dr. Scaccia will share her knowledge on both of these topics.

Dr Jamie Scaccia is a graduate from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and is currently working at Seven Counties Services and Frager Associates.  She specializes in trauma focused therapies at Seven Counties.  Also enjoys doing private practice and psychological testing at Frager Associates.


Michele Rosenthal 8-9 PM

Michele is a trauma survivor who struggled with undiagnosed PTSD for 25 years. And then she was diagnosed and went on a healing rampage! Today, she is 100% PTSD-free. On her healing journey Michele found self-empowerment played a key role in the recovery process. A PTSD healing devotee, Michele is now a Self-Empowered Healing Coach who helps survivors release pain, fear, stress and memories so that they can live with courage, confidence and imagination. As a mental health advocate, public speaker, blogger, writer, workshop/seminar leader, Certified Professional Coach, Certified Hypnotist, and Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Michele uses her personal experience, education, professional training and research to help others further their trauma and PTSD recovery. Michele works with several long-distance clients and also practices on the staff of a wellness center in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Michele’s PTSD recovery memoir, Before the World Intruded: A Memoir of Trauma, Survival, Identity & the Pursuit of Joy will be available in June 2011. For a sneak peek read some chapters here.

website: www.healmyptsd.com

Book: Before the World Intruded: A Memoir of Trauma, Survival, Identity & The Pursuit of Joy

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Frank Barnhill, M.D. 9-10 PM

Dr. Frank Barnhill is a Board Certified Family Physician practicing in upstate South Carolina for over twenty years.  He has an environmentally friendly office based practice providing care for children and adults of all ages.  His first national recognition occurred in the mid 1980’s, as an affiliate of the New York Times discovered Dr. Frank’s unusual methods and office designs for alleviating the fear and anxiety of visiting the doctor.  Since then, articles about his practice have been printed in over thirty national and regional newspapers and correspondence about those articles has occurred from several foreign countries.

Dr. Frank’s practice philosophy is to provide the best medical care possible, using a common sense approach to therapy; in an office setting that provides relaxed, non-threatening surroundings.  He stresses use of the most effective treatments with an emphasis on preventing disease through a program of regular health screening.  These methods tend to secondarily help slow the ever-increasing costs of health care.

Dr. Frank stresses the importance of maintaining and expanding his medical knowledge.  Since medicine is indeed a practice in learning, he believes the educational experience should never cease.

Dr. Frank has additional training in Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Urgent and Emergency Care, and Gerontology.  He lectures to school groups of all ages, teachers, as well as civic and social groups on a wide range of health care concerns.  His interest in children’s physical and emotional health has lead to development of a learning series called “Cork and the Bear” with special attention to behavior mindsets such as ADHD and other normal traits of children ages six to fourteen.

In association with Frank Jones, a motivational speaker with over thirty years experience in the entertainment and business arenas, Dr. Frank is developing a skills related series on peak performance in the workplace.  Their goal centers about the theory of enhancing everyone’s work skills leads to increased productivity.  And of course, increased productivity helps us all.

Dr. Frank credits his success to the short blond he married over 25 years ago.  Life is a lot safer that way.  She has put up with his ADHD for a long time!website: www.ADHDbehavior.com, www.mistakenforadhd.com

BOOK:  Mistaken for ADHD

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