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Brad Dude

Elements of Temperament

Website: http://www.whatmakesyoutickandwhatticksyouoff.com/

Book: What Makes You Tick and What Ticks You Off: How the Basic Elements of Temperament Will Lead You to a Happier Life

Relationship experts Jim Harden and Brad Dude have authored a new book destined to become a personal-development bestseller. In What Makes You Tick And What Ticks You Off, Jim and Brad present an easy and effective way to understand your basic temperament.

The book also reveals your shadow temperament, or the set of attitudes and behaviors that consistently ticks you off. By bringing the shadow to light, Harden and Dude show readers a path to more harmonious relationships with friends, family and colleagues.

Authors can be reached at ShadowStone@me.com.

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PJ McClure

How to kill holiday stress without killing your family

Website: http://themindsetmaven.com

Book: Flip the SWITCH: How to turn on and turn up your mindset

“What is my mindset made of and how do I get the one I want?”

After posing that question for two years to every expert he could find, PJ McClure set out on a 12-year quest to discover the answer himself. Interviewing and studying hundreds of people who were successful in every area of life and comparing them with thousands who weren’t, PJ uncovered the greatest public secret of our age.

In Flip the S.W.I.T.C.H., PJ McClure reveals the seven pieces of your mindset and how you can take control of each one to program yourself for whatever success you desire. Through his personal stories of discovery and those of the people he has studied, you learn how close you already are to life-long success, fulfillment, and happiness.

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