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Tonight’s guest:

Jim Skinner,  8:06 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Tonight Dr. Frager’s guest is Jim Skinner, President of  JMS Benefit Solutions LP, a full service insurance consulting firm with nearly 20 years of experience. He is Founder of The Smart Patient Academy, a niche communications company whose vision is to transform the patient and healthcare consumer experience.  Jim’s recently published book, Smart Patient – Smart Money – The Essential Playbook for the New Healthcare Consumer, is commonly used as a curriculum for transitioning corporate health insurance programs to consumer driven plans. He is a frequent guest on radio shows around the country and speaks at industry events.   All of Jim’s professional knowledge is infused with insights from his personal survival stories of cancer and a brain tumor. Jim is able to bring a revealing human experience to his industry, measuring success by the impact we have on people’s lives.   The Total Employee Engagement Blueprint is creation of the Smart Patient Academy. The Blueprint is a totally unique communications program for large corporations designed to drive employee “engagement” in very creative ways. The program weaves together the most effective strategies for behavior change from the Wellness, Safety, Benefits, Mental Health and Education industries.

Website:  Smart Patient Academy

Talking Points:

  • Can you help clarify for our listeners what they need to pay attention to when it come healthcare reform / Obamacare?
  • Tell us why you wrote your book, Smart Patient – Smart Money: The Essential Playbook for the New Healthcare Consumer?
  • What is the profile of a Smart Patient?
  • What is the New Healthcare Consumer?
  • In your book you reference 300%-500% pricing differentials for the same medical procedure, in the same network, ordered by the same doctor. How can this be? How do we take advantage of this?
  • How did your experience as a cancer survivor inform your advice and training for people trying to navigate through our fragmented healthcare system?
  • I see that you reference a good deal of behavioral psychology principals when you talk about teaching people how to extract value out of the healthcare system. Can you elaborate?
  • Can you give us some examples of how Obamacare has been a benefit to people?
  • What does the future of healthcare policy look like? Are we moving toward a single payer, government run system?
  • Your company has a Private Health Exchange? What exactly is a Private Exchange vs. the Public Exchange?


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