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Donald Mann, 8:06 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

A scientist, author and business expert, he worked on the guns for the A10 Warthog Aircraft, the Abrams Tank, the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and many others. In addition, he has served in senior management positions in the banking and chemical industries and is currently president and CEO of RiteMann Consulting. Mann has a BA in chemistry and an MA in science education-biochemistry from East Carolina University.

Talking points:

  • Why do you believe guns are so key to the perception of the American identity?
  • Is it healthy to use weaponry as a form of identity? Hunters (for sport), collectors (from admiration of idols), or otherwise?
  • Why has the perception of gun violence increased recently while quantifiable violence with firearms has steadily decreased consistently for over 30 years?
  • Should psychological screening occur prior to gun applications? If so, what constitutes a safe mind?
  • Is there a connection between gun violence and a healthy social life?
  • Should gun control apply to governmental bodies such as law enforcement?
  • In what age range and socioeconomic status do most violent acts with firearms occur?
  • Whose perception decides whether gun ownership is criminal? (Mob rule or Elected Official)
  • Does gun control create the perception of public endangerment? (Without guns, bad guys get away)
  • With several thousand active gun laws, what can constitute true safety in the average American’s eyes?
Also, Andy Vogi, Local Author www.andyvogtbooks.com
And, JD Sparks- Marine Veteran former Volunteer coordinator for the NRA and Oldham County Magistrate
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William Deane        9-10

10 Ways to Avoid Being a Crime Victim This Summer

Bill Deane, a 30-year veteran on the CBS News assignment desk, has seen the effect that crime has on its victims and their loved ones. In fact, he took voluntary retirement to write a book on one of the country’s smoothest criminals.
Talking points:

  • Thieves know you, but you don’t know them. They come in all sizes and ages. Blend in don’t look like a tourist wondering aimlesssly Keep your jewelry at home in a safe deposit box.
  • If traveling to the Olympics in London don’t get suckered into buying nonexistent accomodations and buy your tickets with a credit card.
  • Wear a thick wallet hard to pull out of your pocket and put in the right back pocket. Thieves are trained for the left back pocket. or dont carry a wallet at all just a credit card and a little cash in a front pocket.
  • Tourists are a great mark because they carry more cash than when at home. carry a credit card and not a lot of cash.
  • Stay near the curb and not near buildings with doorways where a thief can be hiding. You can handle the cars in the street better than you can the thieves by the buildings.
  • Cops on the street will never ask to look at your cash to see if it’s counterfeit, but fake cops with phony badges will. suggest you go to the police station with them.
  • 5 times as many Smart phones than cameras and wallets will be stolen this summer. never leave it on a table 50% of all thefts in europe are expected to be smart phones this summer.
  • Cars and houses are vulnerable when windows are left open for animals and babies. like rats thieves chose the easiest path. if you make it difficult, they’ll find an easier location. cars parked outside restaurants are vulnerable as thieves know you will be  inside for an extended period. Your driveway is an invitation to thievery if a bicycle is sitting there unlocked car windows are open with money in the cash tray.
  • Fagen of Oliver Twist lives on as underage kids trained as pick pockets are not prosecuted and jailed as adults—advantage for today’s Fagens and drug dealers.
  • Thieves want to get near you, touch you in several places so you won’t notice your wallet is being stolen. Be suspicious if you get pigeon poop on your clothes and one or two people come to brush it off. Try to stay away from crowds and when you do   keep you hand on the outside of your wallet pocket.

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