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Tonight’s guests:

Stacy Swearengen, 8:06pm to 9:00pm

Website – www.portablecareerplanning.com

The wife of an Active Duty soldier, Stacy Swearengen has moved 5 times in the 9 years she has been married to her service member. But that’s just the life of a military spouse.

Despite the odds, Stacy has maintained a successful career for herself, all while following her husband. A Certified Career Management Coach, Stacy founded Military Spouse Portable Career Planning to help her fellow military spouses find and create their own career success stories, and then figure out how to make them transportable.

Recognized for this unique idea, Military Spouse Portable Career Planning has been named a Top Innovative Military Start-up by Inc.com.

Talking Points:

  • We shared a little about your story, can you share more about your relationship with the military and what your experience has been like as someone married to a military man?
  • For those unfamiliar with the military lifestyle, share with us a little bit about what the life is like daily.
  • In the midst of everything you just talked about, tell us how your business, Military Spouse Portable Career Planning, came to be.
  • Based on your experience, what is the biggest obstacle facing today’s military spouses?
  • So how does the experience and dynamics of what is going in the spouse’s life impact the service member and the rest of the family?
  • We hear a lot about troops returning from war impacting the families, but it sounds like the military spouses’ experience can also have a significant impact on the family dynamic. Is this a fair statement?
  • Looking at your website, it seems much of your focus is on careers. How does that factor in to family and military spouse fulfillment?
  • How does your business, Military Spouse Portable Career Planning, specifically help military spouses get to a place of fulfillment and satisfaction through their career?
  • We briefly addressed in your introduction that your business actually travels with you as you follow your husband. How does that work if you are moving or not located near spouses who want your help?
  • There’s been a lot of media coverage about cutbacks of our troops and government contractors. How do you see this impacting the overall military community, and perhaps that fulfillment we’ve been talking so much about?
  • We talked a lot about fulfillment…. Can you speak more about why this idea of portability is so important?
  • We see how you are helping your fellow military spouses. What can those of us outside of this community do to support the military families?
  • What qualities do you think military spouses possess that set them apart from other job applicants?
  • What is the number one issue you find military spouses face in finding fulfillment?
  • Where can we find you and get more information?

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Rob Goldstein, 9:06 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Rob Goldstein has been helping businesses and consumers with credit and debt issues for almost 30 years. An innovator in the field of debt negotiation, he has counseled hundreds of clients nationwide on improving their financial situations. A co-author of two books and sought-after speaker and presenter, Goldstein’s workshops attract individuals and businesses alike. He is the author of TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR DEBT & CREDIT: What Everyone Should Know to Survive in Today’s Economic Crisis.

With millions of Americans trying to find their way from financial disaster back to credit worthiness, scammers, schemers, and tricksters are lining up to take advantage of  their fiscal naivety.

Rob Goldstein has been helping Americans pick themselves up by their financial bootstraps for decades and is now offering your audience everything he’s learned about how to avoid being scammed, while making the best financial decisions for today’s economic climate.

From securing the most advantageous mortgage terms and conditions despite predatory lenders to obtaining optimal credit terms with reliable and fair creditors, Goldstein’s advice will have your audience safely on their way back to financial security.

Talking Points:

• The most popular scams consumers run into, how to avoid them, and what to do if you’ve already been scammed.

• Collections 101: A crash course in handling debt collectors and avoiding falling prey to their  trickiest tactics.

• The truth about consumer credit agencies.  What you should know before deciding to sign up.

• The 3 things you need to do before considering bankruptcy.

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