03/17/2013 Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

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Tonight’s guests:

Harry Overline 8-9pm    Website:  journeytolove.net

Dr. Harry Overline is a clinical psychologist, in practice since 1976. He recently retired after 32 years at California State University, teaching courses in family therapy, couples counseling and more. He is the author of JOURNEY TO LOVE.

Talking Points:

  • · I noticed your book is about helping people to have love in their lives. What stimulated you to help others and resulted in your entering the “helping professions”?
  • · What motivated you to write this book, “The Journey To Love“.
  • · What are the academic disciplines and other sources of information that led to the construction of your new definition of love?
  • · How does your book begin?
  • · What contribution did physical science make in your book?
  • · What is the relationship of these energies you have mentioned to love?
  • · What is the relationship between the flow of virtues in our essences and the ability to achieve love in human lives?
  • · Earlier you mentioned that you believe that love has 5 stages, and that it is developmental over time. What are the names of these stages?
  • · What did you mean when you said that love is a developmental process?
  • · Please describe the characteristics of each of these stages?
  • · How do you help individuals/couples to develop the love that they may be searching for in reading the Journey To Love?

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Blake Levine   9-10pm   Website:  http://www.willlisten.com

Blake LeVine is a social worker and author of the book Beating Bipolar. He is the only social worker to meet Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher, The Dalai Lama, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Brad Pitt, Madonna, Nelson Mandela and over 5,000 notables.

Talking points:

  • · Blake what is your book Beating Bipolar about?
  • · Would you share about your experience dealing with bipolar disorder?
  • · What would you tell others with a loved one or family members living with mental illness?
  • · Do you have any interesting experiences meeting famous people?
  • · What did you learn from meeting historical figures who made such an impact on our world?
  • · Who was the favorite celebrity you met?
  • · If you could share the funniest experience with a celebrity what is it?
  • · For our viewers who are interested how do you work with clients?
  • · What are some of the best lessons you’ve learned helping  those with  their mental health?
  • · You seem very positive, how do you stay motivated and inspired?
  • · How can we reach you?
  • · Where can we find your book?

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