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Tonight’s guests:

Dr. Linda Miles,  8:06 p.m.  to  9:00 p.m.

Web: www.drlindamiles.com

Dr. Linda Miles has worked in the field of mental health for over thirty years as psychotherapist, consultant, educator and writer.

She has appeared on national television, radio and in magazines such as Woman’s World, Parents and Entrepreneur. She wrote the award-winning book The New Marriage, Transcending the Happily Ever After Myth with her husband, Dr. Robert Miles. Recently she has published:

Dr. Miles has also served the mental health community through public service, including on the National Advisory Board of Access Technologies Social Simentor Model for Intervention with Autism and the Florida Commission on Support Initiatives for Marriage and Family. She has received several professional awards for her service, such as the “Outstanding Educator in Business and Industry” award from Florida State University and the “Outstanding Contributions to Knowledge in the Practice of Marriage and Family Therapy” award from the Tallahassee Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.

Dr. Miles has a continued passion for creating a better world through loving relationships.


Guest: Dale Penn,  9:06 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Title: Author, Conference Speaker, Identity Theft Expert

Book: Identity Theft Secrets ( Exposing the Tricks of the Trade! )

Website: privacyforlife.com

Twitter: @dalepenn

  • I understand that you Dale were a victim of ID theft and that’s why you wrote the book?
  • How big is the ID theft problem?
  • What are some common ways that criminals commit this crime?
  • Are most of the ID thieves just looking in your trash can? Who are these people?
  • Should we shred all our documents before we put them in the trash?
  • You mentioned that criminals stole your identity. How did you discover your own problem?
  • What are the immediate steps our listeners should take if they become a victim?
  • Is there a difference between credit cards and debit cards in terms of vulnerability?
  • What are the cops doing to prevent this crime?
  • 10.  Are Seniors more vulnerable than young people?
  • 11.  I’ve heard about this scam called the Grandparent’s Scam…what is it?
  • 12.  OK, let’s talk about the internet, how safe is our stuff on the internet?
  • 13.  Do you personally do any online banking? Is it safe?
  • 14.  What are three things easy things our listeners can do to prevent becoming a victim?
  • 15.  What’s the title of your book again and where can listeners get a copy?

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