Sunday 10/10/10

8-9 PM     Bill Young How Good Became Great

How good nonprofit officers became great fundraisers

Deeply committed to improving his community and others’ lives, Bill is active in leadership roles in multiple not-for-profit organizations. What motivates him? Helping kids. He believes when you help kids successfully navigate childhood, chances are they’ll become responsible adults and ultimately contribute to the community.

During the past decade, Bill has applied the skills that made him a successful businessman to raise funds for non-profits. And countless Denver children have benefited. Bill loves the feeling of being a part of something much bigger than himself. He’s proud to contribute to the success of these organizations – and leave his mark on the community.


9-10 PM    Carlos Merriweather, Dr. Alice Cash How music lessons can help kids in school
For close to two decades, Dr. Alice Cash has devoted her professional life to the promotion of music for healing. Dr. Cash combines her Masters in Social Work with her PhD in Musicology to educate people in the art and science of music’s unique properties.

In 1996, Dr. Cash launched Healing Music Enterprises as a vehicle to offer her expertise to health care professionals, educators, students, organizations and people at large. Her services are in high demand across North America and more recently, at an international level.

Dr. Cash grounds her seminars, workshops, clinical and private practice work in well-established research and theory.

Dr. Alice Cash at the piano
“Music has healing powers” Courier-Journal Newspaper Article, 1/19/2006

An accomplished musician herself, she is wonderfully skilled in both the demonstration and application of the most current musicology and music therapy concepts and principles. Her warm and dynamic nature helps make her workshops informative, timely and enjoyable for participants at large.

Healing Music Enterprises offers services and products for individuals, couples, families, groups, communities and organizations. Virtually everyone can benefit from the knowledge and experience that Dr. Cash offers. Music is a non-invasive tool that anyone can learn to use to help to energize, relax and heal themselves.

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