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Tonight’s guests:

John Baumann (www.JohnBaumann.com), 8:06pm to 9:00pm

Book:  Decide Success

John Baumann is a living example of the how to reclaim, what he calls “posi-spective,” and how to live life to the fullest faced with any life-changing events:
•    becoming a caregiver to his daughter in 1996,
•    at 41 years old, himself being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2002,
•    and, at 48 years old needing to leave his full-time position as an executive officer due to his medical condition in 2008
John provides valuable guidance and insights on helping others achieve success
•    as a student,
•    in their profession, and
•    at living life to the fullest after any life-changing event .
John Baumann is passionate National Speakers Association inspirational presenter and success workshop facilitator who uses
•    humorous stories,
•    “engaging imagery,” and
•    his experience as a college faculty member (selected “Most Inspiring Professor”)
to provide valuable and unique, personal and professional “Tangible Takeaways.”
A graduate of Cornell Law School and practicing attorney for 25 years, John has written or contributed to several books including
•    his own book titled DECIDE SUCCESS (available in paperback, kindle and audio-book at Amazon.com),
•    Roadmap to Success (with Deepak Chopra and Dr. Ken Blanchard), and
•    Courageous Stories of Inspiration (with Dr. Robert Schuller and Ann Jillian) available at JohnBaumann.com.
1)    Let’s get right to it, you have been on my show several times before, what has happened recently that is Frager show-worthy?
That’s funny. With the assistance of my wonderful wife and several others I have been able to do something extraordinary. I am hopeful that my story inspires some of your listeners to take up the challenge.
2)    Wow, in one sentence describe what has happened.
I call it a “transformation.” In one sentence: “I have entered my 11th year with Parkinson’s disease and am healthier now with Parkinson’s, than I was before I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.’
3) How did this transformation happen?
Let me start from the beginning:
•    Diagnosed: Stunned, Shock, Going through the motions.
•    Gradually sunk in, 5 stages of grief, Realization of incapacitation
•    Fatigue: could no longer do my job
•    What did I know: teaching and “how to be successful”?
•    Faculty of UofL and decide success workshopsbased upon my book.
•    I also was told that I “inspire” people so started doing talks to PD groups
•    Before last year, my talks focused upon awareness, attitude and exercise
•    BUT I WAS A FRAUD, I was not exercising
•    I also should have been talking about eating right.
•    In 2012, I “got it”
4)    What is different about you?
5)    What was the inspiration for you to take the first steps to transform?
6)    How have you been able to sustain this transformation?
7)    What should our listeners “take away” from this discussion?
8)    Some of our listeners are wheelchair-bound, what can they do?
9)    How can your book, DECIDE SUCCESS, help our listeners?

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Dr Richard Ruhling, 9:06pm to 10pm

Websites:  http://richardruhling.com/ and http://leadingcauseofdeathprescriptiondrugs.com/

Dr. Richard Ruhling is a cardiologist and board-certified internist who taught Health Science at Loma Linda University. His focus since retiring is to help people understand that medical care is more dangerous than they realize, but he says he has some good news–we welcome Dr. Ruhling.

1.    Tell us, What’s the most important health discovery that you have made?
2.    You say Heart disease is not the leading cause of death? please explain.
3.    Why doesn’t Congress do something about prescription drugs?
4.     You say health is the result of obedience to natural laws of the body.
What are those laws? (ID’d by an acronym, NEW START)
5.    What would you say is the most overlooked cause of med problems by MDs?
6.    Could you comment about vaccinations?
7.    We’re only a couple months away from the Affordable Healthcare Act
going into effect.  What are some aspects that concern you?
8.     If you Google “school shootings, psych drugs,” the 3rd link is
60 School Shootings Linked To Psychiatric Drugs Over Past 20 …
Yet congress does nothing v FDA or Big Pharma. They want to take guns! What are your thoughts…
9.    Where can our listeners get more information if they want it?

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