02/10/2013 Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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Tonight’s guests:

Lea Tesoro, 8:06pm to 9:00pm

Website: http://www.lovelikedimsum.com

Lea Tesoro is a virtual reality expert and has been a resident of the virtual world called Second Life for more than six years. Her book “Love, Like Dim Sum – Real World Lessons Learned and Relearned in a Virtual World” talks about relationships in virtual worlds, how they are different from real world relationships, and why they are different.


Tell us what a virtual world is, for our listeners/readers who don’t know what it is.
What’s the difference between a virtual world and a chat room?
What types of people go to virtual worlds?
Why would someone want to go into a virtual world?
Why would someone want to date in a virtual world?
If you’re looking to date someone, how do you meet people in a virtual world?
If you don’t know the real person behind the avatar, how can you have a real relationship with them?
How can you tell if the person you’re dating in Second Life is married?
How does sex work in a virtual world?
How is virtual sex different from porn?
How is virtual sex different from typical cybersex?
Why would someone want to have virtual sex, instead of physical sex?
What types of people have virtual reality sex?
What makes virtual sex great?
Is virtual reality sex cheating?
You’ve started a “machinima” talk show. Can you tell us what “machinima” is and what the talk show is about?


Radomir Samardzic, 9:06 to 10:00pm

Website: http://relationshipsaver.org/

Radomir has been a relationship coach for the last 12 years. His e-book The Relationship Saver ( http://relationshipsaver.org/) has sold more than 80,000 copies and saved thousands of relationships and marriages.
His previous career in a consulting firm, leading workshops in communication, teamwork and leadership, and coaching teams and individuals inspired him to do something about the overwhelming problem of divorces and broken relationships.
His coaching firm, DDC Global, of which he is president, operates from Los Angeles, California.

Some questions:

Should all relationships be saved and how do I know if my relationship should or should not be saved?
What is the first thing I should do if I want to save my relationship
What are two things I should never do if I want to save my relationship?
You say that I should apologize for what I did. Why, if I did nothing wrong?
What is the biggest mistake I can make while trying to save my relationship?
What do you mean by “singlehandedly” saving a relationship. Doesn’t a relationship take two?
You also suggest that I be happy after the break up. Easier said than done. I am devastated. How can I be happy?
If I want to have a great relationship, what should I do?

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