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Dr. Kirk Sinclair, 8:06pm to 9:00pm
Website: http://www.hikinghumanitarian.com/

Dr. Kirk Sinclair is The Hiking Humanitarian. As the leading expert on long distance backpacking expeditions Kirk learned that under the natural conditions of small groups we have empathy and are kind to each other. On their most recent journey Kirk and his wife Cindy became the first people to hike the American Discovery Trail continuously from west to east. This journey made Kirk one of very few 20,000 milers in the world, and served as the venue for his kindness and community mission and pilgrimage.

As a humanitarian Kirk serves with a variety of organizations that would be nice to list on a resume, but as he points out in his next book in development,Kindness across America, what really matters is the involvement of people belonging to each other in community. Along this vein Kirk has been involved in community, church, schools and scouts throughout his life. He now speaks to community organizations, schools and faith-based groups about the virtues of kindness and community.

Talking points:


  • What act of kindness inspired you the most on the journey?
  • What single day during your journey sticks out in terms of kindness?
  • Why do you say “kindness abounds?”
  • Why do you now call your blog “Responsive Kindness?”


  • What was the most inspiring example of community you witnessed?
  • What important lessons did you learn about community engagement?
  • Why are local communities the best venue for addressing Housing, Health and Hunger issues?
  • What do you mean by community engagement?


  • What was the hardest part of the journey?
  • Where did you sleep at night?
  • What are some of the amazing things you saw across the country?
  • What is the American Discovery Trail that you followed?

Most Asked Questions During Talks

  • How many pairs of shoes did you go through?
  • What do you do about bears?


Hadley Finch:  9:06pm to 10pm

Topic: Breakup Survival
Book:  911 Breakup Survival
Wedsites:  A lasting love
Podcasts:  Itunes / Hadley Finch

Are we Americanʼs Lacking In Love Skills? Is that why we have the highest divorce rate in the world?  Millions of us have experienced heartbreak and devastating stress after a marriage ends.    Divorce is a damaging event that hurts the person who leaves and the person left behind.  How do you control the damage?  How do you heal heartbreak and beat breakup stress before it rewires your brain and beats you? How do we use a love tool kit to lower our high rate of divorce and breakups?

Hadley Finch has learned how to date and love again after her long, happy marriage ended tragically.  Sheʼs going to tell you some of  the fastest, surest  remedies sheʼd used to heal her own trauma from lost love.  She reveals these remedies in her new book, 911 Breakup Survival.  Hadley hosts the radio show, A Lasting Love.  And sheʼs the creator of TribeOfSingles Love Matches-Love Vacations  and TribeOfCouples Red-hot Relationship Guide.  Welcome to our show, Hadley Finch.

  • Questions:
  • 1.  You know about heartbreak first hand.  Looking over your new book, it seems like you were in a long, happy marriage to a corporate superstar and bam, it fell apart.  Why didnʼt you see it coming?
  • 2. We donʼt need to go into the painful details of your breakup.  But what got your attention was when you went to a cardiologist asking, Heart Attack or Heart Break? And he said it was heartbreak but  “You can die of a broken heart.”  It sounds like that got you to change your focus and later help other people do the same thing in your book 911 Breakup Survival.    Tell us why you have to beat breakup stress before it rewires your brain and beats you.
  • 3. What are some signs we may need to beat breakup stress before it beats us?
  • 4. What if we canʼt take a 4-week vacation to ease stress?  What stress relievers can we use in our daily life?
  • 5. What are some signs we may need to beat breakup stress before it beats us?
  • 6.   What if we canʼt take a 4-week vacation to ease stress?  What stress relievers can we use in our daily life?
  • 7.  The good news for us is that Hadleyʼs put together the fastest, surest remedies to heal heartbreak and get all the love and happiness you deserve now.  Her book is 911 Breakup Survival.  How do we get this book?
  • 8.  When you found out why your husband left your happy home, you gave the object of his mid-life crisis an amusing name.  Tell us about it.
  • 7. So your thoughts were stuck on what you lost, and that caused you devastating pain.  How did you change that?
  • 8.  Whatʼs an exercise to take control of your thoughts?
  • 9. Weʼre ultimately talking about grief.  Itʼs a part of human life, since weʼre mortals, we must face the loss of people we love.    Whatʼs the best way to get through grief instead of getting stuck in it?
  • 10. What about dating while youʼre grieving a divorce or death of a partner?
  • 11. Some people get stuck in the anger phase of grief.  You suggest that if we want to murder our ex we use the Big Guns.  Tell us about that.
  • 12. So you host a radio show?  How do we listen to it?
  • 13. You help us do this in your book 911 Breakup Survival.  You talk about radical forgiveness. And you say you canʼt make mistakes in relationships.  What do you mean?
  • 15. Involuntary singles often feel afraid and lonely after a lover leaves. Tell us how we turn fear and loneliness into love in two steps?
  • 16. Hadleyʼs known as Americaʼs love guide, and if you read her book 911 Breakup Survival, youʼll see why.   She gives you get fastest, surest remedies to heal heartbreak and get the love you want now. Tell us about the shocking remedy to solve love problems fast.
  • 17.How do we keep our love magnet charged to find love or make your partner love you more each day?
  • 18. In your book, you talk about benefits of floating in hot water for a year, how to end money worries, design the future you love now. Thereʼs a lot packed in only 21 chapters.  Whatʼs the best way to use this book to change your love life fast?
  • 19. Thank you for writing this book and coming here to share love skills to heal heartbreak and start creating a life you love now.  What if we feel ready to love again, even better than ever?

I help you do this in 911 Breakup Survival, and as I personally guide your love quest in TribeOfSingles.com Love Matches-Love Vacations.  I give you expert advice and exciting love skills to handle baggage, choose your great love match and reach your peak of passion, pleasure and undying love.  Iʼll give your listeners a free membership when you sign up at TribeOfSingles.com Enter gift coupon code:  tribelifetime09 Enjoy meeting our community of great singles who want to find a great love match now.

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