October 3, 2010

8PM-9PM:  Sally Watkins

“Change your Mindset, not your man”  (culture’s portrayal of romantic relationships and its effects on couples) In Sally’s own words:

I’m Sally Watkins, a psychotherapist for twenty years, and concerned about our culture’s portrayal of romantic relationships and its effect on couples. Many people bought the idea that finding the right person makes for happily-ever-after. My book, Change Your Mindset Not Your Man, Learn to Love What’s Right Instead of Trying to Fix What’s Wrong (Adams Media 2009) deals with the disappointment and despair when the honeymoon is over. It demonstrates how to take the pressure off the relationship to be your ultimate fulfillment and work instead on empowering yourself to grow and mature. There are many ideas and examples about how to change yourself—the only one you can change. The book is very relevant for people for whom divorce is not an option. It shows how to resist feeling “stuck” and make the situation work for you. Here are some of the points which could be made in an article or excerpt: · Our culture promotes impossible ideas about marriage. Maybe with different glasses your flawed partner could be “good enough”. · You might just be with the right person—the one to help you mature and grow and get healthier. Look at this relationship not to make you happy but to help you learn about yourself. · What you think and say and believe gets stronger and creates more. Shift your focus from the bad things to some small positives– what you’re grateful for. Work on your friendship and companionship. · Stay in the NOW—focus on today—not what you use to have together, not scaring yourself about the future. Work with the way things are. · Focus on yourself—take more responsibility for making yourself happy instead of depending on your partner. Find new activities, take a class, join a group. · Stop with the grass is greener stuff. The soul mate you think is out there may be just a different set of problems. · Stop the complaining and criticizing. No more stonewalling. Be the bigger better person and listen for a change without arguing. Say something empathic like “Yeah, it’s hard. How can I help?” Visit my website, read reviews and the first chapter: www.sallywatkins.net.

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9PM-10PM:  Richard King

Numerology and how it affects our daily lives

Richard Andrew King is a master numerologist of thirty years and a martial artist of forty-two years. He is an author, speaker, and teacher who helps empower and enlighten people through an awareness of their own unique destiny based on their personal numbers.

On a martial arts level, he reveals the inner secrets of the philosophy of the warrior through his teaching and training. His most recent books are: The Black Belt Book of Life: Secrets of a Martial Arts Master and The 5 Minute Lover: Discovering the
Secrets of Your Life, Loves, and Relationships in 5 Minutes. Richard’s website is: www.RichardKing.net

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