Sunday, 9/26/2010

Tonight’s guest 8pm to 9pm is Todd M. Kays, Ph.D.

Dr. Kays is the co-author of Sports Psychology for Dummies.  His web page is When we asked Dr. Kay’s what he would like to talk about tonight, he replied, “I am a sport and performance psychologist. I work with some top athletes and coaches in the country from both a clinical perspective and performance standpoint. Everything we do in life is a “performance” whether we are an athlete, coach, parent, teacher, nurse or radio host. We want to try to be at our best on a consistent basis. I discuss the key ways to do so.”

Tonight’s guest from 9pm to 10pm will be author Melinda Bates, the Ultimate White House Insider. Melinda is the only person in history to run the White House Visitors Office for 8 full years, and she has all the intimate, back stage stories to tell of life and work in the world’s most famous House – stories you’ll never hear anywhere else. Tonight we’re going to focus on family life in the White House – the funny, intimate and surprising things Presidents, First Ladies and their children did as they lived and loved in the world’s most famous House. Some of them loved it and grew closer, some hated it and grew apart, but they were all changed by living there and they all changed it in return. Melinda’s website is

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