12/30/2012 Happy New Year!

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Tonight’s guests-

Lewis Oliveros, 8:06pm to 10:00pm

Lewis Oliveros has a Biology Degree from Chowan University in North Carolina and has been a fitness Trainer & Nutrition Consultant since 1996. Mr. Oliveros has also been a Health Club owner for over 10 yrs.

Randy Ganther, 8:06pm to 9:00pm; Website: randyganther.com

Randy Ganther is a former state champion powerlifter, and currently a weight loss expert and fitness trainer. He’s lost over 80 pounds without any pills, potions, or powders and has kept it off for over 15 years. He now shares how anyone can do the same thing, with practically no money out of their own pocket.

Optional/Suggested questions:

  • Why do 97% of New Year’s weight loss resolutions end in failure?
  • How do you know if your resolution will land you in the successful 3%?
  • Once you make sure that losing weight can be a winning resolution, why do you say that getting on the treadmill should be the last thing you do?
  • Does it make sense to cut calories when you start a weight loss plan?
  • You say we shouldn’t eliminate fats to lose weight. Why not?
  • What type of foods should we eliminate when trying to lose weight, and what new food choices should be made to keep the weight off?
  • You’ve always said there is a way to get the body to burn calories even when you’re at rest. How can someone do that?
  • If someone doesn’t feel like going to the gym or has a hard time getting motivated, what are some ways they can kind of effectively ‘cheat’ to see good results?
  • Why should people be selective in deciding who they tell about their weight loss journey?
  • You say that people shouldn’t have to spend a dime to lose weight. How is that possible, and where can they get good, free information on how to lose weight the right way?

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Jon Satin and Chris Pattay, 9:06-10:00 pm

To learn more about Jon and Chris –The Possibility Coaches, their website is www.PossibilityCoaches.com
To learn more about their book, visit: www.365DailyTips.com

JThieron Satin, MBA, is a life, relationship, and business coach. His passion to assist people with reaching their goals and dreams led him into the field of personal coaching and business consulting. Together, Jon Satin and Chris Pattay are The Possibility Coaches. They are The Positive Change Experts specializing in Life, Relationships and Entrepreneurship. They conduct private coaching sessions for individuals and groups ‘in person’, by phone and by Skype, They also facilitate seminars and workshops that empower individuals and business owners worldwide to live a life of meaning, passion and purpose. Jon and Chris are the authors of the book: “Living an Inspired, Empowered and Joy-filled Life! 365 Daily Tips to Get You There!” They conduct their signature weekend event at the Philadelphia Airport Hilton Feb 2nd and 3rd “Break Through to The TrueYou!”(www.TrueYouWeekend.com) It’s an excellent opportunity to improve your level of self-esteem, self-image and self-confidence.  For a 30 minute complementary session by phone or skype, they can be reached at 215-794-0135.


  • Why did you write your book?
  • What are the benefits to the reader?
  • Why don’t New Year’s resolutions work?
  • Why is goal setting a waste of time for 97% of the population?
  • Why do most people sabotage their chances for success and creating the results they want?
  • What did you mean when you wrote in your book “setting intentions is the only way to get the results you want?”
  • What do you mean by a “self-image”makeover?
  • Can you tell us about your “4 Pronged Approach” to getting results?
  • What do you mean when you talk about “taking inspired action?”
  • Why is self-awareness the #1 solution to creating real, lasting positive changes?
  • What can people do now to increase the likelihood of getting the results they want for themselves?
  • How does questioning beliefs increase our ability to achieve the results we want?
  • What roles do control, trust and faith play for us in the achievement of successful, desired results?
  • Why are past and present mistakes“blessings in disguise” when it comes to creating positive results in our life?

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