12/23/2012 Merry Christmas!!

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Tonight’s guests -
Laura Berger and Glen Tibaldeo, 8:06pm to 9:00pm
Website: http://lifeleapsprogram.com/

Blog: What’s Your Radical Sabbatical?

Featured on ABC News, in CNBC, and in Redbook, Self, and the Miami Herald, Laura Berger and Glen Tibaldeo are the Life Leap couple.  They chucked their well paying corporate America jobs for the jungles of Costa Rica to bring some spice back into their life and their marriage. Surrounded by natural beauty, ironically it was the technique in their book Fall in Love Again, Every Day: 3 Steps to True Connection for Any Couple that created the connection of a lifetime for this couple. Their second book, Radical Sabbatical: Could You Say Goodbye to Everything You Know to Get Everything You Want? to be released winter 2013 is creating quite the buzz, being described as a couple’s “Eat, Pray, Love” meets “The Hangover”.

Questions -

How did you decide to do this together? Who’s decision was it? Was one person pushing the other into it?
What was it like to move from Chicago to CR?  Can you describe the before and after?
Did this change your relationship? Can you describe the before and after?
How did we make this happen? So many people have dreams and want to change something in their lives, how did you do this?

Talking Points

We know how get people to break unbreakable patterns and change their minds.
We have pointers on how to gracefully take the plunge to a radical sabbatical.
We have pointers on how to make the best of a radical sabbatical.
Deciding to make the changes in life to get unstuck as a couple gets exponentially harder. We have the unique technique to crack that code.
We inspire with our before and after story of our radical sabbatical.

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Frank DeCaro 9-10pm

Website:  The Dead Celebrity Cookbook

Best known for his years as the movie critic on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, writer/performer Frank De Caro is author of, Christmas in Tinseltown:Recipes and Memories from Six Feet Under the Mistletoe is the second in the Dead Celebrity Cookbook series in which Frank gets to combine his movie prowess with his love of food always with a cheeky sense of humor..


Is Christmas a big deal in your house?
Why do audiences love Christmas entertainment so much?
How did you find all these recipes?
Why the fondness for old time Hollywood stars?
Were Hollywood stars just better in the old days?
Why is passing along pop culture history so important to you?

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