12/16/2012 “Coping with the Aftermath of Tragedy”

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Tonight’s co-host is Suzann O’Koon, PhD, CLC.

Licensed psychologist, a certified life coach, speaker, writer, and the originator of the Happiness YOUniversity. Dr. O’Koon has been working with individuals, couples and families for over 20 years. She works with clients to improve their lives, to discover that their levels of happiness are within their power to increase. She speaks to groups about this personal control and shows them how to become empowered to reach their personal goals and to reach higher level of happiness in their work and personal lives.

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Tonight’s guests:

Tom Gagliano 8-9pm

Tom Gagliano is a life coach with an MSW. Key note speaker and author of the book The Problem Was Me with Dr. Abraham Twerski.


  • 1. How does a successful business man decide to write a self-help book?
  • 2. I see your book contains a chapter on spirituality. Because of this spiritual focus, how would someone who is an agnostic or atheist benefit from reading the book?
  • 3. Can you briefly describe the methodology you use in your groups that makes them so successful?
  • 4. In your book, you talk about a warden?  Who is this warden?  What was one of the AH HA moments in your life?
  • 5. How is your book different from other self-help books?
  • 6. Who could benefit from reading your book?
  • 7. How did it come to be that you would connect with the “most famous psychiatrist in Pittsburgh” Dr. Twerski?
  • 8. You discussed three essential elements that a person needs to change their destructive messages.  Can you briefly discuss them?

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Joseph Padgal 9-10pm

Joseph Padgal is a popular speaker who advocates forgiveness as a powerful spiritual and physiological healing tool. He illustrates this in his book FireDance.


  • 1.Is there someone in your life, past or present that has wronged you, even wounded you and you want revenge against them?
  • 2.What about the negative mental and emotional effects from the memories from those wounds?
  • 3. Do they keep on surfacing in your life, especially around the holidays?
  • 4.Does unforgiveness affect your health?
  • 5.Does the object of your scorn even aware that feel offended or hurt?
  • 6.Does forgiving make you a “doormat?”
  • 7.Does unforgiveness have a generational tag attached to it?
  • 8.Is there an accountability factor with forgiveness?
  • 9.Has someone cheated you out of money? A job or promotion? A home? Your good reputation?
  • 10.Has another person put you down, said something unkind, snubbed you, fought with you or was just plain rude?

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Newtown, Connecticut ~  Resources to help parents and children cope with and understand this tragedy

Tips for Talking to Children about the Tragedy

Dealing with the Aftermath of Tragedy in the Classroom

10 Ways to Talk to Children about Sensitive Issues in the News

National Association of School Psychologists (School Safety and Crisis Issues)

The Child Anxiety Network

National Center for Children Exposed to Violence

National Institute of Mental Health


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