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Liz Cassidy, 8pm to 9pm

Liz is an Executive Leadership  Coach and as part of her business she  teaches her Senior Management clients how to relax and network to be more influential in their jobs and careers.  She is also an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author. She has 2 books and another one being published now.  One of her books is Business Networking Success – on Amazon.com

Questions and discussions:

Q You talk in your Book  – Business Networking Success which is available on Amazon.com  that we “should network with CARE”, can you talk to us about what CARE means?

A: CARE is :

Create a sharing atmosphere

Ask open questions, e.g. Who What When Where

Relate to their experiences (in life)

Enjoy yourself


Q. You mention in the book about the importance of a good handshake, tell us more about that.

A I will talk about different kinds of handshake, your listeners might want to share their god bad and ugly handshake experiences, I can also discuss the origin of the handshake in Europe in the Middle Ages.


Q: You suggest going to networking events / parties etc. without taking your business cards, that seems counter intuitive,  – why is that?

A: I  will discuss the dating game -  Do you want be like a teenage girl waiting for the boy to ring, or do you want be in control of the relationship. You make the call, you do the follow up so you get their details at the party – don’t give them yours.


Q. What are the essentials we should bring to a party or event?

A: Bring a positive and curious attitude. Be curious about who you might meet tonight who is new and interesting. Bring a switched on brain, and bring a pen and paper.


Q: What is the best way for those of us, who hate parties, to break the ice.

A:  Many of your visitors will be introverts just like me. I hate crowds and struggle to talk to strangers. So many years ago when I learnt this trick to easily break the ice, I kept it, used it and now my clients love it.


Talk about these in any order, they lead to the next naturally, (we can do some practice on air together, or your listeners might want to call in and I will FORM a relationship with them live.)




Motivation – this is the one we want to spend some time on in the interview.   This is conversational gold dust


Q  What do I say if someone asks me what I do for a living?

A  Well you will have used FORM already so you already know what they do.

Then just describe 3 problems you can guess they might have (or someone like them)  then describe 3 solutions that you provide.  We can expand on this in the interview.


Q. How do I handle this question if I don’t have a job?

A.      You are not alone right now, and you should still use 3 problems and 3 solutions to best describe your skills that you want to use in your next job. (Again we can practice this on air with your listeners).


Q. What do you say to those people who just wants network online on Facebook or wherever?

A.     That is great up to appoint. But you don’t know that the person you are talking to on Facebook is a real person, unless they are already part of a group you know.

You want know the real person until you get talk to them. Use the online world to sort through who you might want to invest time with offline, then set up a phone call, meeting etc.

Always be safe, have another person present at the first few meetings until you are comfortable that you are safe.


Q. What advice do you give to someone who gets caught by a boring person?

A. this can happen, but it doesn’t need to ruin your evening.  Use FORM on the person to hopefully find out something that interests you too, and if you get to a dead end then simply thank “him” for his time and the opportunity to get to know him, and you see someone else you wanted to meet. Go strike up another conversation with someone else.


Q: Finally, What advice do you have for this party season :

A: To be able to be a success when you meet people ….alcohol in moderation only. There is no courage in the bottom of your glass. Keep your wits about you. You may just be meeting the most influential person to your future success /happiness.

Practice using FORM with your family and close friends so they don’t know you are doing it, then put a pen and small notebook in your pocket or bag and go meet some new people.

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Dan Stradford,  9pm to 10pm

Dan Stradford is a successful businessman, writer, and editor and is the founder of the nonprofit Safe Harbor.  He is the author of The Men’s Code of Honor: 66 Principles That Make a Man and is also the lead author of a guide for doctors called Complementary and Alternative Medicine Treatments in Psychiatry.  He has published more than 250 articles internationally.


  • What prompted you to write this book?
  • How did you go about compiling the code?
  • Why is it important for a man to have honor?
  • How do feminists feel about your book?
  • How have teenagers responded to The Men’s Code of Honor?
  • Do you think men today are confused about whether to behave honorably?
  • The first line of the Code says, “Tell the truth.”  A lot of people have trouble with that.  How important is it?
  • What if two points of the Code conflict – let’s say you want to keep your word to attend a business meeting but you find out your kid needs your help?
  • What about infidelity?  Where does it fit in the Code of Honor?
  • How does a guy make the transition if he hasn’t been living an honorable life?
  • What does the Code say about the treatment of women?
  • What role does courage play in a man’s honor?
  • What is the “False Code” you mention in your book?


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