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Sunday Oct. 28

Time: 8 – 9:00 pm eastern

Guest: Edward Meyer. See bio below.

Topic: New Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Book, Download the Weird

Edward Meyer, VP of Exhibits & Archives
For over 30 years Edward Meyer has traveled around the world collecting unusual stories and unbelievable artifacts to fill Believe It or Not! books and museums. He is a walking encyclopedia of information, some strange, some gross – but all true!

He has acquired over 20,000 different museum artifacts, everything from a pin valued at $1 million dollars, to a two-trunked elephant, to Marilyn Monroe’s lingerie, to Lee Harvey Oswald’s mortuary toe tag, to a meteorite from Mars. The list is endless. Editor of the famous Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Newspaper syndicated cartoon, producer of countless Ripley museum films, and a researcher for over 200 hundred Ripley television shows, Meyer has appeared on radio and television programs around the world as the Ripley historian and raconteur, the man with the world’s best job!

Guideline Questions:

  • What is “Download the Weird” all about?
  • What kinds of stories are in the book?
  • What are some of your favorite stories in the book?
  • You can run with this for quite some time
  • Can you put your finger on the strangest story in the book?
  • You’ve met a couple of unusual people in the book, Lizardman and Vampire Woman, what are they like?
  • Ripley’s has incorporated new technology with this book, how does that work?
  • What makes a story worthy of Ripley’s?
  • How does Ripley’s compile the thousands of strange stories in the book?
  • Who is the book written for?
  • Where can people get a copy of the book?

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9:00 – 10:00 pm

Dean Gualco


Our forefathers would be ashamed, What happened to the rugged individuals that once defined America?

Title of book:

The Choices and Consequences of our Age: The Disintegrating Economic, Political and Societal Institutions of the United States

About the author – Dean Gualco:

Dean Gualco is the owner of Torgun Consulting and currently serves as the Human Resources Manager for a municipality in California.

He has a Doctorate in Education from the University of the Pacific, a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Southern California (USC), and a Masters of Business Administration.

Dr. Gualco has authored five books:

What Happened to the American Dream (1997)

The Meaning of Life (2005)

The Great People of our Time (2008)

The Good Manager: A Guide for the 21st Century Manager (2010)

Choices and Consequences in an Age of Instability and Insecurity (2012).

Dr. Gualco has received numerous awards for his books, including the coveted “Editor’s Choice” award from Barnes and Noble and the “Rising Star” designation from booksellers. He has written articles for dozens of magazines, newspapers.

Guideline questions for guest:

•    What happened to the “rugged individual” so typical of our nation’s history, the people who made their own claim or stake throughout life with little help from the government?
•    What happened to all the jobs in America?
•    Why is it so much more difficult to make it in America today than in previous generations?
•    Who is to blame for that state of America’s decline today?
•    Over the past few decades, have any landmarks in legislation been passed that have raised the character of our nation?
•    Has government debt helped create a more educated citizenry, build better roads and bridges and developed a more competitive manufacturing sector?
•    Are there too few teachers for the number of students in the classroom?
•    Is teacher pay too low?
•    What does it mean that members of Congress are three times more likely to send their children to a private school than the average American parent?
•    The unofficial unemployment rate is nearly 20 percent. Where did our jobs go?
•    Is there ever a good time to raise taxes?

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Halloween  (Wiki entry)

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