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Robert Allen Miltenberg, 8PM to 9PM
Websites: www.blurb.com -(type Robert Miltenberg into their search
engine), www.Artworq.com


Robert Allen Miltenberg is a communications expert who has worked with
presidents and rock stars and can be carbon-dated back to the early days of the
new wave and punk rock scene in New York City. He’s a true “Mad-Man” trained
by Madison Avenue’s finest. Miltenberg’s interests and projects are as varied as
the world he finds himself a part of -as is evidenced by the topics he’s written on
from John Lennon to Hawaiian Hawks. As if that’s not enough –in addition to
also being a painter, inventor and recording artist–Miltenberg has his own music
production company ConspiracyMFX -which provides music for commercials,
films and videos.

From international advertising to the White House communications
team, from music’s biggest stages to the quirky world of inventors
and artists—Robert Miltenberg has been winning awards and
influencing people for decades.

This idea person and real-life Mad Man has helped:

• Launch and promote numerous history-making, pop culturedefining
products, including Burger King, Kahlua, Hot Wheels, and Mac Computers.
• Devo as an iconic worldwide band, spanning generations.
• Presidents Clinton and Reagan be recognized as two of the most
articulate communicators and campaigners to ever occupy the Oval Office.
But Miltenberg will tell audiences that it’s being grateful that’s kept him at
the top of his game. Invite him on-air to reveal why we can all find more
success, inspiration, creativity and abundance by counting our blessings—
and how we count our blessings.

He’ll discuss how this “hook” is the best he’s ever created, and how
expressing gratitude:

• Naturally brings joyful abundance in relationships, career, finances,
parenting, everything!
• Is becoming cool, as evidenced by all the “Tebowing” we see.
• Protects us from enemies who would threaten our liberties, lifestyle and
• Can help solve problems ranging from low self-esteem to addiction,
intolerance, crime, terrorism, even war.
CREDENTIALS: Robert Miltenberg’s latest book is THANK GOD—
Thoughts on an Eternally Grateful Gathering.

His goal is to get it into every single hotel and motel room, alongside
Gideon’s Bible.


Nancy Clark, 9pm to 10pm
Website: www.energyhealing.com

Nancy Clark, Ph.D. is a psychotherapist, medical intuitive, author, international lecturer (including the United Nations, New York) and frequent seminar facilitator on a variety of subjects. She is presently a candidate for ND (Naturopathic Doctor). Nancy is the founder of Arizona Integrative Therapies in Tucson, Arizona. Many seminars were originally designed for residents in post communist countries to help people reduce stress and enjoy greater health. She often held summer camps for teenagers help them develop a sense of self identity. In addition, Dr. Clark serves as coordinator of all international groups associated with IANDS, the International Association of Near Death Studies.


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