10/07/2012 Dark side of sports; Unlocking the secrets of the brain

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Tonight’s Guests

Dr. Nick Pappas, 8:00 – 9:00 pm
Topic: The Dark Side of Sports: Exposing the Sexual Culture of Collegiate and Professional Athletes.
Book: The Dark Side of Sports
website: www.drnickpappas.com

Dr. Nick Pappas is a former collegiate and professional ice hockey player and coach who earned his doctorate in Human Development and Family Science & Sociology of Sport from Ohio State.

This unique background in combination with his experience as a sports researcher, professional counselor, athletic & life coach, and college professor have given Dr. Pappas a distinct vantage point into both the social and athlete behavioral issues highlighted in his book The Dark Side of Sports.


  • 1. What inspired you to write a book on the sexual culture of elite-level athletes?
  • 2. What were the biggest challenges you faced during the writing of this book?
  • 3. What do your findings have in common with the Penn State / Syracuse scandals?
  • 4. What specific sports and levels were represented and/or discussed in this book?
  • 5. What is athlete sexual deviancy and how does it differ from athlete sexual aggression?
  • 6. What kinds of athlete sexual deviancy were most surprising to you?
  • 7. How common is athlete sexual deviancy based on your findings?
  • 8. What are some of the underlying causes of athlete sexual deviancy and/or aggression?
  • 9. How do you go about addressing and preventing athlete sexual deviancy and/or aggression?
  • 10. Who would benefit from reading the book?
  • 11. How do athletes target young women and sometimes each other?
  • 12. What do parents and coaches need to know about athletes’ sexual behaviors, motives, and consequences?

Dr. Zora Young, :00 -10:00 pm
Topic: Psychiatrist Will Amaze You With How the Brain Really Works
Book: Bernice and her Multiple Personalities

Dr. Zora Young has decades of experience as a psychiatrist and professor. He says the human mind is a computer and sometimes part s of the mind get disconnected. Dr. Young has discovered how to reunite them. From multiple personality disorder to depression and anxiety Dr. Young has been able to unlock the secrets of the brain.


  • Can you give us some examples of the types of mental illness that you treat and what has worked for you?
  • How do you use language to access the mental program files that contain the information you need to help your patient?
  • How do you use the information?
  • Is it possible to reprogram someone’s mind?
  • How do you treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
  • How is dissociative disorder treated?
  • Cases of trauma are presented in the ‘Vignettes” section of the book . It is unbelievable that the “Screamer “ pretended to be dead from the age of 7 years until she was 38 years old.



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