09/30/2012 Tonight: Online Dating Sites

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8:00 to 9:00 pm
Amy Schoen, MBA, CPCC
Topic: What you need to know about online dating before you give up
Online Dating.
Professional Life Coach and Dating/Relationship Expert
Helping Marriage Minded Singles to Find &
to Connect with Lasting Love

Learn how to find true love online with less time & heartache!

www.MotivatedtoMarry.com — her blog
http://twitter.com/coachamyschoen and
Amy Schoen has been a nationally recognized dating and relationship expert since 2004.
She has helped hundreds of marriage minded individuals to find their life-long mates
and early stage couples to create the relationships that are fulfilling and satisfying
that lead to greater commitment and marriage.

As a Certified Professional Life Coach, Coach Amy utilizes both her whole life
coaching training and her incredible life experiences to serve her clients. She is
known for her approachable manner and empathetic abilities. She has been a
certified life coach since 2005 through the Coaches Training Institute of San Rafael,
California and then completed the Relationship Systems training with The Center
for the Right Relationship. In addition, Amy participates as a member of the
International Coach Federation, especially in the DC Metro area

Amy’s story is one of perseverance. She was divorced in her mid thirties and
successfully remarried at 42 to a man who is a much better partner! She has been
married to Alan since 2002 and together, they had a son.

Amy is known for her skill at clarifying her clients’ critical relationship values and
what is truly important in their life so that they can fully connect with their true love
partner whether they are single or already coupled. She strives to help her clients to
feel at peace with their life choices so they will have no regrets about how they are
spending their time, energy and resources to achieve their life goals

Her clients say that Amy is inspiring and a creative solution oriented coach. They
also appreciate her insightfulness for knowing how to read people in a given
situation, be it personal or work, and offer perceptive solutions to help her clients
achieve their relationship goals. One client said, With Amy, you know she’s got your

Coach Amy works closely with her clients on their online dating strategy and has a
knack for helping her clients to represent themselves fully with their online profiles.
Over two thirds of her clients have met their life and marriage partners through
online dating.

Amy enjoys utilizing her creative talents of writing and speaking through the medium
of the web and the telephone to share her message of how to best find and connect
with your true love. She is the author of “Motivated to Marry Now There is a
Better Method to Dating and Relationships” and “Get It Right This Time- How to Find
and Keep Your Ideal Romantic Relationship”. She is also a contributing author to
SelfGrowth.coms book 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Vol. 2 featuring top
experts such as John Gray and Jack Canfield. Amy also writes a bi-monthly “Ask the
Coach” relationship column for Viva Tysons magazine. She has also published a fun,
short book with a big message, “30 Very Good Reasons NOT to Get Married Until You
Are 30!”

She has been quoted and featured in such publications as the New York Times, The
Washington Post, The Chicago Sun Times, The Washington Business Journal
and various periodicals and online resources across the country.

Amy has also been interviewed on numerous top radio and TV stations nationwide.

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9:00 to 10:00 pm
Dr. John McGrail
Creator of the McGrail Method™ of Quantum Synthesis
Rule #1: Life is Supposed to be Fun!

The Synthesis Effect: Your Direct Path to Personal Power and Transformation
Dr. John McGrail is more than a clinical hypnotherapist.  He is an established self-improvement ex-pert and a sought after spiritual teacher who has become one of our country’s leading media experts and public speakers relating to personal growth and successful life transformation. His company, A Better You, Inc., serves a world-wide clientele; individuals of all ages and backgrounds, as well as select corporate clients. Services range from individual sessions, to motivational presentations, training seminars, and workshops.

Dr. McGrail earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University and received his certifica-tion in clinical hypnotherapy at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the nation’s first federally-accredited college of hypnotherapy.  After graduating with honors, he went on to earn a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy from Breyer State University.  In addition to hypnotherapy, Dr. McGrail is also certified in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming), Time Line ™ Therapy, Therapeutic Imagery and EFT.

Dr. McGrail’s passion for helping people overcome the sometimes debilitating fears, limiting beliefs, and other issues that prevent them from living life to its fullest potential, led him to develop a unique and powerful process, the McGrail Method of Quantum Synthesis, or more simply, Synthesis.

Synthesis represents an amalgam of Dr. McGrail’s lifelong study of the human condition and spiritu-ality, more than 30 years of teaching and coaching experience and countless hours in private clinical practice working with thousands of clients.  It is a true fusion of art and science, wisdom and practice; a blend of 21st century science with shamanic traditions in use for more than 7000 years.

“As a clinical hypnotherapist and personal empowerment specialist I have seen thousands of people living in physical, emotional or spiritual pain.  That pain does not discriminate; it affects people of all ages and from all walks of life,” says Dr. McGrail.  “Using Synthesis, my clients are able to transcend their issues, to choose happiness over pain and empower their lives both quickly and profoundly.  I believe that life is supposed to be fun and Synthesis shows the way to make it so.”

Dr. McGrail’s heralded technique, which has helped thousands in his Los Angeles-based practice, will now be able to help millions around the country and all over the world through his new book, The Synthesis Effect: Your Direct Path to Personal Power and Transformation (Career Press, March 2012).

Unlike many other self-help books, The Synthesis Effect: Your Direct Path to Personal Power and Transformation embodies a series of elegant, straightforward models that enable individuals to de-velop a clear and objective understanding of both the how and why of their troubling issues very quickly. Next, they learn to activate and exploit the elasticity and creative potential of their mind—re-program their mental computer—using self-hypnosis and several forms of meditation, while concur-rently integrating an array of simple, yet powerful cognitive techniques that catalyze, reinforce and accelerate the entire process.

The Synthesis Effect is crafted and presented in a clear, pragmatic voice with many real-life stories that make it both entertaining and easy to execute and master the process of transforming one’s life. It will be available at major retail and online bookstores.

Dr. McGrail’s writing and expertise have been featured in numerous media outlets including Cosmo-politan, Experience Life, The New York Daily News, Redbook, Self, Ladies Home Journal, WebMD, LIVESTRONG.com, Telemundo, TLC and MTV.

Dr. McGrail is a proud veteran of our military, having served as a commissioned officer and aviator in the United States Coast Guard.  After his military service this varied man also enjoyed distinguished careers in commercial aviation and mass communications—film, television and multimedia before answering the call to his true vocation, to help people empower their lives.  He resides in Los Angeles with his wife Lynne-Anne and is an avid blue-water fisherman who also enjoys gourmet cooking, golf, hiking and camping and the study and exploration of native philosophy and spirituality.


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