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Tonight’s guests:

Peter McCarthy    8:00 – 9:00 pm
Book: Adrenaline Nation

Peter McCarthy, a naturopath and political activist, is the author of the upcoming book Adrenaline Nation, to be published by Smart Publications (www.smart-publications.com). He is a 20 year military veteran, with over 16 years in the airline industry as a Boeing 737 captain. Peter is also CEO of AHI Productions, an Austin-based media company which is creating NHN TV, the planet’s first broadcast quality TV network

Interview Questions

  • Why did you write Adrenaline Nation?
  • What is your definition of stress?
  • What is a Stress Stack?
  • What are some major Dietary and Lifestyle ifluences in the Stress?
  • Can you define the term Cognitive Filter?
  • What is the Nutritional Gap?
  • What are some of the Toxic Influences in the Stress Stack?
  • What exactly is the Trigger Factor?
  • You talk in your book about something called the Catabolic Threshold. What exactly is that?
  • You devote a whole chapter to the connection among stress, ill health, and the health care crisis. Can you connect the dots for us?
  • Another chapter presents a lot of information about stress in our daily working lives. Can you tell us three major stressors that most people don’t know about?
  • Why do you refer to the operation of our bodies’ stress response as “A Limited Line of Credit?”
  • What are the three major phases of chronic stress?
  • How can people tell they’re in the exhaustion phase of chronic stress?
  • You contrast the difference between men’s and women’s response to chronic stress as “head in the sand vs. climbing the sand dune.” Why?
  • You devote a whole chapter to the process of change and its importance in successfully mastering stress. Why is that so important?
  • What are three key personal solutions to mastering stress?
  • How can our government and society better help us to master stress in our own lives?

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Michele Rosenthal   9:00 – 10:00 pm
Book: Before the World Intruded

Website:  http://healmyptsd.com

Michele Rosenthal inspires trauma survivors to overcome depression, anxiety and fear so that they can build lives full of freedom, meaning, purpose and joy. As a keynote speaker, post-trauma coach, award-winning blogger, poet, author and radio show host, Michele inspires and motivates survivors to make choices and take actions that move them from confusion and loss to clarity and reconnection.
A survivor herself, Michele has been interviewed on many radio programs and featured in The Palm Beach Post, Ladies’ Home Journal, St. Petersburg Times, Orlando Sentinel, CBS Radio and The Dennis Miller Show. Michele’s recovery memoir: Before the World Intruded: Conquering the Past and Creating the Future.

Interview Questions

  • What happened in your life that led you to learn so much about trauma and PTSD?
  • What is PTSD?
  • Describe your PTSD experience.
  • Is there hope for recovery?
  • What are some basic approaches to PTSD recovery?
  • As a post-trauma coach who specializes in PTSD, what do you see help people move forward?

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