8PM to 9PM, September 5, 2010

This evening’s guest during the first hour is psychiatrist Susan Delaney M.D. speaking about  Sex Therapy. Dr. Delaney trained with esteemed Sex Therapy pioneer Dr. Domeena Renshaw at a Catholic medical school, Loyola University near Chicago. Sex Therapy, as practiced by Dr. Delaney, is a talking therapy. The doctor meets with the couple and together they formulate an understanding of the problem. The doctor proposes homework for the couple to do in the privacy of their own home. The couple returns for their next appointment and reports on their homework. New homework assignments are formulated at each meeting. This continues until the symptoms are resolved. Normally sexual dysfunctions can be resolved in eight sessions or less. Take a look at Dr. Delaney’s web page for much more information: http://www.drsusandelaney.com/

Dr. Delaney’s book, “I Didn’t Fall, I was pushed.”  (link will be posted soon)

Additional links:

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