09/02/2012 Labor Day

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Tonight’s guests:

Tawan Perry, 8pm to 9pm
Website: www.Tawanperry.com

As both a former student leader and college administrator, no one understands the college experience like Tawan Perry. After struggling to find his way into college, Tawan realized retention is a huge problem. As the creator of the “Connect-5 College Completion Program, he’s learned Traditional retention models in higher education are outdated and ineffective in today’s world.


•    What are some of the costliest mistakes parents make choosing a college?
•    Why is the first 8 weeks of college so critical to your student’s long-term success?
•    Tell us some things students and parents should know before they commit to a college?
•    What college degrees are worthless and will never pay back the money you put in?
•    What are the financial programs colleges don’t tell you about (this is NOT financial aid)?
•    What are four things parents can do to ensure their child’s safety on campus?
•    You are not a fan of the SAT or ACT. Why?
•    What are some things you need to ask before and after applying for financial aid?
•    What are some ways students can avoid the college debt trap?
•   What are the top 3 mistakes parents and students make during the first year of college and how to avoid them?
•   How does a student go about choosing the right major the first time around?
•   Where can listeners purchase your book?

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Carla Mancari, 8pm to 9pm

Life Guide, Author, teacher, and guest speaker. She is the founder of the Minute Method. Teacher and co-founder of the Contemplative Invitation Teaching.

After traveling the world for over 10 years Carla has lectured on the “Larry King Show”, at colleges, for professional groups. For more than 30 years, she has guided individuals in understanding life’s spiritual principles, spiritual activities, and rising emotions in their professional and private lives. Her success with the “Minute Method” is unsurpassed. She is the founder of the Minute Method Teaching, and co-founder of the Contemplative Invitation Teaching.

Interview Questions

•    What is the Minute Method Challenge?
•    How was the Minute Method revealed?
•    Is this Meditation?
•    What is life changing about it?
•    How does it help individuals to realize their full potential?
•    How would the method make a difference in young adults life?
•    Why would it make a difference in young adults goals?
•    One Minute twice a day? Isn’t that too easy?
•    Will it help all individuals, regardless of age?
•    What have been some of the immediate, tangible results?
•    What do participates say about it?
•    What are some of the topics covered in your book?
•    Can an individual learn and understand the Minute Method by reading the book?
•    Where may an individual buy your book? Is it available now?
•    What are your contacts: Website, E-mail?

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Cammi Balleck, Ph.D., 9pm to 10pm
website: http://www.makinghappyhappen.com/
Book: Making Happy Happen: Secrets to being on cloud nine every day.

Cammi Balleck, Ph.D, is a leading Happy Hormone Doctor. She specializes in teaching how to unleash your happy hormones.  She graduated in 2003 with a Doctorate Degree in Naturopathic Health. Cammi has been the owner of the successful Elite Wellness Center since.


•    Cammi you are a naturopathic dr, what is that?
•    You specialize in bio-chemically balance , what exactly does that mean?
•    What is the happy hormone?
•    What is adrenal fatigue? and who is at risk for it.
•    What are some symptoms to know if we have adrenal fatigue?
•    You have a chapter in your book on food as medicine, can you explain that?
•    What nutrients or foods can actually make us happier?
•    What foods or drinks have the opposite effect on us?
•    Why is water so important to our bio-chemical balance?
•    You say we commit 3 crimes against our selves what are they?
•    You have a stress busting tip that take 10 seconds that we can do anywhere , what is that?
•    What vitamins do you recommend everyone under daily stress to be hormonally balanced?
•    Is there any herb we can take?
•    What else should we do to have happy hormones?
•    Please tell us more about what you are doing next, and your website and where we can find your book.


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