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Tonight’s guests:

Gerald Welch, 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Book: CORPORACRACY & Welcome To Reality.

Gerald Welch is a 78 year old entrepreneur. After living a full life he decided to tackle head on the huge task of developing a social theory. Then he wrote two novels on that subject: “Corporacracy” and “Welcome To Reality”.


  • What inspired you to start writing?
  • How were the ideas in your books conceived?
  • Where did the title “Corporacracy” come from?
  • How do you define a corporation?
  • How do you define Corporacracy?
  • Where do you see Corporacracy today?
  • How do corporations and Corporacracy effect our daily lives?
  • How do they pull strings to impact or control our lives?
  • What makes the status of corporations as people problematic?
  • How do corporations negate the roles of individuals in democracy?
  • How does Corporacracy misdirect the focus of its citizens on daily events?
  • How is Corporacracy different from other corporate theories about social control?
  • Is Corporacracy all bad?
  • How do we live with Corporacracy?
  • What is your goal in writing your novels?
  • Are you working on anything else currently?
  • How is this Encyclopedia related to the theory of Corporacracy?
  • Where is your book available? And do you have a website?


Mike Gearhardt -and- Will Gates,  9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Book:  The Financial Tsunami

Website:  http://www.aretegrpinc.com/

Well, the Europeans have rejected their need for austerity. Will Americans do the Same? That’s what Mike Gearhardt wants to know. In his new book The Financial Tsunami, he and co-author Will Gates break their analysis down so everyone can see what’s really happening. How close is the United States to Bankruptcy? We are about to find out.
Mike Gearhardt has 30 years of accounting and finance experience and hewas the CFO of a publicly traded government service provider and he’s seen first hand how the government budget process works.

Questions for Mike:

  • 1. How bad is the debt problem?
  • 2. How long have we been growing the debt?
  • 3. Can the US become another Greece?
  • 4. Can the problem be fixed and how long will it take?
  • 5. What is the impact of the expiration of the Bush tax cuts?
  • 6. Where does the money come from?
  • 7. Where does it go?
  • 8. How much more taxes or expense reductions are necessary to balance thebudget?
  • 9. Who is the blame, is one party more to blame?
  • 10. So where can our audience find your book?

Questions for Will:

  • 1) Why should we care about the deficit?
  • 2) Why will shortfalls in Social Security revenue have an impact on the deficit?
  • 3) Is maintaining spending programs worthwhile if in the end they cause the U.S.to default leaving us unable to fund those very programs?
  • 4) Does election year rhetoric give us a true picture of economic reality?
  • 5) Is it a political or political party problem?
  • 6) Should we the voters compromise our vote by entering the voting booth unprepared?

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