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Our Guests this week:

8 p.m. to 9 p.m. Dr. Kate Tulenko.

“Stop Importing Foreign Doctors and Nurses.

Book: Insourced

For years, opponents of outsourcing have argued that offshoring American jobs destroys our local industries, lays waste to American job creation, and gives foreigners the good jobs and income that would otherwise remain on our shores. Yet few Americans realize that a parallel dynamic is occurring in the healthcare sector–previously one of the most consistent sources of stable, dependable living-wage jobs in the entire nation.

Instead of outsourcing high-paying jobs overseas–as the manufacturing and service sectors do–hospitals and other healthcare companies insource healthcare labor from developing countries, giving the jobs to people who are willing to accept lower pay and worse working conditions than U.S. healthcare workers. As Dr. Tulenko shows, insourcing has caused tens of thousands of high-paying local jobs in the healthcare sector to effectively vanish from the reach of U.S. citizens, weakened the healthcare systems of developing nations, and constricted the U.S. health professional education system. She warns Americans about what she’s seeing–a stunning story they’re scarcely aware of, which impacts all of us directly and measurably–and describes how to create better American health professional education, more high-paying healthcare jobs, and improved health for the poor in the developing world.

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9 p.m. to 10 p.m.  Stephanie Coleman

Book: Travel Smart, Live Wise

Regular air travel can take a toll on the human body. Frequent fliers are exposed to myriad chemical toxins, poor air conditions, and radiation. It is estimated travelers are exposed to a thousand times more radiation on a cross-country flight than a person on the ground. In Travel Smart, Live Wise, author Stephanie A. Coleman offers a road map to overcoming these challenges and provides tips for living healthy to those who travel frequently by plane. Coleman, a flight attendant for more than thirty-eight years and a holistic healing professional, blends her experience and knowledge to present six key factors to staying healthy while traveling: Live in a nontoxic environment. Be alkalized-have a proper pH balance in your digestive system. Stay well hydrated. Get the minerals to support health and eat healthy foods Exercise and be active. Develop a positive attitude and have optimism for the future. Travel Smart, Live Wise provides a host of physical and mental strategies for those who want to live a better life.

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