Ronnie Moore   8-9:00 pm
Why Do Men and Women Act So Differently at Work? Book: WHY DID I SAY THAT? Website: www.whydidisaythatbook.com
Ronnie Moore is a renowned speaker, trainer and author who changes livesby changing communication at work and at home. She helps people save theircareers, their businesses, their money, and their relationships.
1. What is a primary communication issue in the workplace? 2. What is a primary communication issue in personal relationships? 2. Is it true that there are specific communication challenges between men andwomen? And how does it hurt the relationship? 3. In your book, you talk about the danger of stealth communication. What isthat and why is it so damaging? 4. Ronnie what’s the #1 complaint you receive from people regarding theirspouse’s communication? 5. Ronnie why are you so determined to change the way we communicate? 6. Why do you believe we should talk less and communicate more? 7. How has constant connection to devices changed how we interact with eachother? How can we communicate in a constantly connected (and distracted)world? 8. What about written communication in the workplace; what’s a commonproblem with business letters or emails? 9. How can we communicate better when someone is in emotional pain andneeds comfort? 10. What is the most common (and costliest) mistake we make whencommunicating to a contractor, car sales person, or other vendor? 11. Have communication problems changed in recent years? If so, what isprevalent and damaging in today’s world? 12. What is a common communication mistake made when interviewing for anew job? 13. What is a common communication mistake made by the interviewer tryingto fill a job opening? 14. Do most of us understand how communication can affect virtually everyaspect and relationship in our life—at home and at work? 15 What’s the one thing we can do, right away, to improve our communicationand perhaps improve or even save a relationship—at home or at work?
Dr. Duncan Wallace 9-10:00 pm “How to be Relaxed and More Productive at Work”
Dr. Lyle Sussman (In Studio) Books:Lost and FoundSmart MovesWhat To Say To Get What You WantWhat To Ask When You Don’t Know What To SaySmart Moves For People In ChargeAct On It!Close The DealYes You Can!Power Tools Website: http://www.lylesussman.com
Dr. Lyle Sussman is Chairman and Professor of Management, College ofBusiness and Public Administration, University of Louisville. He writes and consults on leadership, customer service, communication andhigh performance teams. Aside from 60 scholarly articles. His work hasappeared in Harvard Business Review, Savvy, Bottom Line Reports, WorkingWoman, Inc., Success, Investor’s Daily, CNN. And he’s a featured columnistin the Louisville Courier Journal. Dr. Sussman is a Best-selling business author with more than 1,000,000 copiesof his books in print in 14 languages. His newest book is Lost and Found, a business parable.
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