First Hour

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Cathy Holloway Hill is founder and CEO of C. Holloway Hill Enterprises LLC, (website:  http://www.chollowayhill.com/) a personal and professional development organization specializing in life skills training, and career/life coaching.  Her company’s mission is to devise strategies that promote performance excellence and empower others to achieve their personal and professional best.  In addition to her work as a Life Coach, Cathy also has executive leadership experience with IBM Corporation.  Cathy walked away from a lucrative corporate career to focus on her life’s purpose of enhancing and advancing the lives of others.  Cathy has received numerous awards for her commitment to excellence and leadership.  She has a Masters in Psychology and multiple coaching certifications. Cathy is a published author and her latest book entitled, Lies, Love & Life is what we will be discussing with her today.

1.            Tell Us about Lies, Love & Life?

2.            What inspired you to write this book?

3.            What life experiences have contributed to your passion about your work?

4.            If you had to choose 2 or 3 traits necessary for individuals to accomplish their goals, what would those traits be?

5.            Why do you believe there are over 85% of individuals in the workforce who hate their jobs?

6.            What small steps can people take to transition their lives in a positive direction?

7.            How difficult was it for you to walk away from a massively successful career?

8.            How did you do it?  What steps did you take?  Did you have a plan?

9.            Why do you believe change is so difficult?

10.          Who was your greatest mentor?  What did you learn from that individual?  And how did you apply it to your life?

11.          What are some simple first steps that our listeners can take?

12.          How can they get in touch with your for more information about your services and your book?

Second Hour

Kirk Mango  Website: http://becomingatruechampion.com/Default.html

Book:  Becoming a True Champion

Kirk Mango is a former high school state champion and college Division I National Champion, three-time All-American, three-time Hall of Fame Athlete, and was selected as #8 on NIU Top 50 Huskies of All Time (Northern Star, NIU newspaper). He is also a veteran in education (33+ years) and former coach (17 years), father of two former Division I scholarship athletes, and author of the recently released book, Becoming a True Champion: Achieving Athletic Excellence from the Inside Out (Rowman & Littlefield, May, 2012). He comes to us tonight from a suburb of Chicago, Naperville, Illinois.


1.       What sport were the aforementioned honors awarded in? OR What sport did you compete in for high school and college?

2.       Did you get to meet and compete against former and future Olympians while in college?

3.       Any thoughts on the upcoming Olympics in London this summer?

4.       What do you mean that you hope the games are “cleaner” than what they’ve been in the past?

5.       How does your recently released book, Becoming a True Champion, relate to this?

6.       Were there other inspirations that prompted the writing of your book?

7.       So, in a nutshell, what is the purpose of Becoming a True Champion?

8.       What pieces of the puzzle do these Olympic athletes seem to have that you think others outside of their venue don’t truly understand?

9.       Does failure play a role with athletes of this caliber?

10.   What is different about the very best athlete in a sport in comparison to others who are considered just very, very good? Basically, is there a difference?

11.   How many hours does an Olympic athlete train?

12.   Why did you not compete in the Olympics?

13.   Is there anything special you would like to see from the Olympic champions coming out of these summer games?

14.   In your opinion, what is the most inspirational Olympic Sports story of all time?

15.   Do you have any sports stories that really hit you emotionally? True demonstrations of athletes showing good sportsmanship, Olympic or otherwise?

16.   How about your thoughts on athletes as role models for our youth.

17.   Anything else you would like to add?




Dr. Joy Macci is the CEO/Joy of Sport, Inc. a Global Women’s Sports Specialist/Author/Speaker…Life-Sports-Corporate SUCCESS Analyst.  Plus,is the founder and creator of “Innergetic IntelligenceTM” which evaluates the true nature of SUCCESS from the Inside/Out.


1) Success in the Sport of Life….Dr. Joy you have been fortunate to work with Superstar/Olympic Athletes (including Venus & Serena Williams, Jennifer Capriati and Andy Roddick to name a few) and Corporations…what would you say are some of the keys that separate the good from the great?

2) The past 35+ years you have spanned the globe with Sports as a Player, Coach & Sports Management Director…what are some key lessons you have learned?

3) Superstar SUCCESS Systems…how would you say Olympic or Elite Athletes train different than ordinary athletes like you and I?

4) Now didn’t you write a book that summarizes the Superstars Success Secrets…”Serendipity of SUCCESS” A Treasure Hunt Unlocking The Keys to Your Personal SUCCESS System?

5) Now will you share with our listeners a little on the Superstars T.F.S.P. Success Formula, so they can apply it into their lives.

6) Now the first component is T. for “Technique”, what is most important here?

7) Next is F. for “Fitness”…on top of physical fitness…what are the different categories here?

8) The third component is S. for “Strategy” how do Olympians/Superstars Think/Be/Do things differently?

9) Finally there’s the P. for “Positive Mindset”…why do you say this is the glue that keeps everything together.

10) Olympians & Top Athletes all have to overcome and conquer challenges,you had a major life challenge you had to overcome, will you tell us a little about it?

11)  In a couple of weeks you are heading to the London to work at the Olympics, can you tell us a little about that?

12)  What Superstar Olympians and Programs do you work with and provide with LWFCI?  Carl Lewis…Right Track…Christian Athlete of the Year…

13)  On another note, you are the founder and creator or “Innergetic Intelligence which evaluates the true nature of SUCCESS from the Inside/Out…are there a couple tips that can share with our listeners on that?

14)  And lastly you are working on an exciting global legacy project that has an opportunity to make history in Women’s Sports…can you share a little on that?

15)  If listeners want to learn more about and contact you isn’t www.DrJoyMacci.com & DrJoy@JoyofSport.com the best ways to reach you?  Is there a final gift you can share with our listeners…”JOS A-B-C’s Sports Mental Mastery.”

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