07/08/2012 Psychotherapy / “Romantic Relationships”

Tonight’s guests (Will add more info as it arrives):

The first hour will focus on Psychotherapy and the second hour will focus on romantic relationships.

Dr. Jesse Owen

Dr. Jesse Owen is an Associate Professor in the Counseling Psychology program at the University of Louisville. He is the director of the Relationship and Psychotherapy Lab at the University of Louisville and he has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on how psychotherapy and romantic relationships work and at times don’t work. Click this link to contact Dr. Owen.

Le’Keldric Thomas is a doctoral student in Counseling Psychology at the University of Louisville. He received his bachelor’s degree from Morehouse College and his Master’s degree from the University of Louisville. His interest is in doing therapy with individuals, couples, and families, particularly those from diverse groups.
Kelley Quirk is a doctoral student in the Counseling Psychology program at the University of Louisville. Kelley earned her Masters degree in counseling at Central Michigan University and has since focused her efforts on doing research and therapy with couples.

Meg Manthos is working on her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at the University of Louisville. She is training primarily to be a couples therapist and researcher. Her interests include sex and sexuality, navigating coupledom amidst a changing social landscape, and nontraditional romantic and sexual relationships.


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