07/01/2012 Have a Happy (and safe) Fourth of July!!!

Tonight’s guests:


Melinda Bates

website: www.whitehousebook.com

Book: White House Story, A Democratic Memoir

Melinda Bates, the Ultimate White House Inside, is the only person in history to run the White House Visitors Office for 8 full years, and she has all the intimate, back stage stories to tell of life and work in the world’s most famous House – stories you’ll never hear anywhere else.  Tonight we’re going to focus on family life in the White House – the funny and surprising things Presidents, First Ladies and their frequently misbehaving children did as they lived and loved in America’s House.


  • Why do we have such a grand home for our President?
  • Who was the first President to live there?
  • I understand Thomas Jefferson made significant changes, why is that?
  • What does it mean that the White House is a “living house?”
  • Was there always an Oval Office?
  • Which First Families do you find the most interesting?
  • Who gets to decorate the White House and how often is that done?
  • Are families always happy there? (Reagan/Clinton/Obama)
  • What’s it like to work in such an historic place? (British Marines)
  • What was your favorite White House moment?
  • Was it difficult to leave at the end of the administration?

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Chris Carlson 9pm to 10pm

Chris Carlson, grew up a son of an Army Officer.  Went to South Dakota State University, majored in History and received Commission via ROTC.  Commissioned as a 2LT onto the Active Duty as a Medical Service Corps Officer in 2002. He has had three operational deployments, one non-combat to Kosovo and two combat to Iraq (2004-2005 and 2008-2009).  He is currently currently working at the Blanchfield Army Community Hospital at Ft. Campbell, KY as a healthcare administrator.


  • How does patriotism affect your every day life in putting on the uniform and going to work, serving fellow Soldiers, retirees and their families?
  • From a medical perspective, how does Army Medicine, reflect patriotism?
  • Is it patriotism that you focus on in a combat environment?
  • What factors get you through a combat deployment and did that experience build upon your sense of patriotism?
  • 9/11 occured prior to your commissioning, did this have a factor in your desire to serve?

Dr. Lyle W. Carlson

Dr. Lyle W. Carlson is a practicing clinical psychologist with a private practice in Frankfort, Kentucky and a part-time faculty appointment in the Department of Dentistry, University of Kentucky. He spent over 30 years on active duty with the US Army. Dr. Carlson specializes in helping individuals cope with chronic pain associated with medical conditions.


  • What is your definition of patriotism?
  • Do you consider yourself a patriot?
  • How does psychology, the study of human behavior, help us understand patriotism?
  • What builds “patriotism”?
  • What destroys “patriotism”?

Dr. Benjamin M Keizer

Dr. Benjamin M. Keizer was active duty for 8+ years and has been in the Army Reserve for the past 5 years.  He is getting ready to start a two year fellowship in Health Psychology at Fort Sam Houston (San Antonio), Texas working with Active Duty Army and Air Force service members. At the completion of the two year fellowship he will have a specialization as a Pain Psychologist.


  • How do you define patriotism?
  • What are the benefits of patriotism?
  • From a psychological perspective can patriotism ever be negative?
  • How did the events of 9/11 change our views of patriotism?
  • You work with Veterans from several different eras (i.e., Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq/Afghanistan) at the VA Hospital, tell me about the differences among these Veterans in terms of their patriotism?
  • How do post-9/11 service members view their service?
  • What is it like to marry into a patriotic family?

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