06/17/2012 Happy Father’s Day!

Tonight’s guests:

Carole Brody Fleet 8-9 PM

website: www.widowswearstilettos.com

Book: Widows Wear Stilettos

Father’s Day is generally a day of fun and celebrations ranging from brunches to barbeques and bad necktie presents.  But what if you are without a father on Father’s Day?  Is it even possible to enjoy the day minus the obvious guest of honor?  Cathy Brody Fleet has experience helping people deal with loss and grief and will help us tonight get through a wonderful holiday even without that wonderful man.

Questions for guest:

  • 1.  The loss of your father can be a devastating experience and Father’s Day can serve to be a painful reminder.  How do you cope with that kind of loss?   What are the dos and don’ts for healing?
  • 2.  Is there such a thing as celebrating Father’s Day without a Father?
  • 3.   Understanding that your father wasn’t just a father, he was also a husband – how do you help Mom deal with the loss of her companion on this special day?
  • 4.  What if your father is seriously / terminally ill on Father’s Day?
  • 5.  Oftentimes the death of a parent leaves surviving children with feelings of guilt and/or remorse and Father’s Day can exacerbate these feelings.  How do you cope?
  • 6.  What if your father has passed away and you never had the opportunity to say goodbye?
  • 7.  You’re an adult child and Mom is dating someone new.  Perhaps she has even remarried.  How does that affect celebrating Father’s Day?
  • 8.  How do you celebrate Father’s Day if you have remarried and there is now a stepfather in addition to an absent father in your family equation?
  • 9. What if your father wasn’t or isn’t part of your life?  Any suggestions?
  • 10. Wrap up – information re Widows Wear Stilettos, new book, website, etc.


Ezechiel “Zeke” Bambolo, Jr. 9-10 PM

website: www.thefirstbornson.com

blog: www.the1stbornson.blogspot.com

Ezechiel is an author and speaker who focuses on the strategic importance of family legacy.  He was born and raised in Liberia, West Africa as the first son of African born missionaries and teachers. His parents were proactively keen to build strong combination of academic and life skill into their children, especially into Ezechiel as the firstborn son. His family endured incredible destruction and setback at the hands of the country’s years of instability and multiple civil wars. The family’s restoration process became his responsibility at the age of 19 as the firstborn son.  However, when you read the book and feel the need to discuss points from it that tug on your hearts (such as my family’s civil war experiences, atrocities, etc.), please feel free to do so.

Questions for guest:

  • 1) What is the firstborn son concept and what is its significance?
  • 2) What is strategic about the nature of the firstborn son concept?
  • 3) When we talk about the signs of parental degradation, especially as fathers, what do we mean?
  • 4) Why do you have a concern with the limited awareness of destructive societal statistics?
  • 5) Degradation of Morality; acceptance of immorality
  • 6) Why is it important to re-ignite the discussion of “family legacy” in homes?
  • 7) What do the principles of corporate branding have to do with family?
  • 8) “Purpose of life” seekers never stop to consider legacy as indicator.
  • 9) What is so critical about the roles of fathers in multi-generational family legacy?
  • 10) You emphasize exemplary fathering as critically priceless. What do you mean?
  • 11) When it comes to children, what is important contrast between guiding and navigating in your book?
  • 12) Is there hope for fathers in America?
  • 13) One of the topics you talk about regarding parenting, and in this case fathers, is “circle of influence”.  Why?
  • 14) Unnoticed family war raging in America is worse than Syrian or Libyan wars;  i. The DNA dilemma
  • 15) You address senior citizens in your book also; adult parent to adult child transition and blessing, power of legacy. What can you tell us about that?


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P.S. First Day of Summer, Weds. 6/20

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