Tonight’s guests:

Yulee Schafer 8-9 PM     Website:  My Grief Book

Yulee Schafer, author of  Am I Supposed To Feel Like This? What to expect when tragedy devastates your life.”‘ worked for 12 years as a victim’s advocate in the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney in Jefferson County Kentucky working mainly homicide cases. Before that she worked at the YWCA Spouse Abuse Center as the Children’s Recreation Specialist.  She has for the past 20 years been a member of Kentuckians Voice for Crime Victims.

Planned questions:

  • 1. The information provided in WWS, could it be adopted for anyone suffering a loss.  For example after a divorce, loss of a friendship, children moving out of the home?
  • 2. How do you address widows who felt/were independent in their marriages and then become widows and feel less independent?
  • 3. How do you suggest reconciling when the widow is ready to start dating again and her children and friends are not wanting her to?
  • 4. On the flip side how do you suggest reconciling when the widow is not ready to start dating and her friends and family think she should?
  • 5. Is there a process you suggest for going through the deceased belongings, clothes etc?  The three piles?
  • 6. Do you have practical advice for widows getting involved with another as far as finances, burial plots, living arrangements…?
  • 7. If the widow is angry about the death of her spouse how to recommend she work to not let it seep into her current and future relationships?
  • 8. If a widow puts up an emotional wall of protection do you suggest breaking it down and if so how is the best way to do that?


Rev. Dr. Brian Ebel 8-9 PM

website: www.revolutionky.org

Reverend Dr. Brian Ebel is a church planter and pastor of Revolution Church, a United Methodist Community here in the Louisville area. He has been a church pastor for 10 years.

Planned Ouestions:

  • 1. Are there different versions of grief that people deal with?
  • 2. What are the two biggest challenges when it comes to people dealing with grief?
  • 3. Where do most people get stuck in the grieving cycle?
  • 4. Ok – so I’ve been dealing with the loss of a loved one for a while – what are some helpful ways to begin moving forward?
  • 5. I understand you use a form of pastoral care therapy called “narrative therapy.” Can you help our audience know more about this?
  • 6. When will I know if it’s time to get help?
  • 7. What do I do about children and grief?

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Sue Storm 9-10 PM

Website: www.theangellady.net

Sue Storm, AKA The Angel Lady, is known for her ability to help people solve problems and move forward in life through her unique connection with the angels. She has been a guest on 2500 radio and television shows worldwide and hosts an internet radio show, Angel Talk. Sue Storm is also a prosperity consultant, inspirational speaker, and author of Angel First Aid, Remedies for Life, Love, and Prosperity.

Planned questions:

  • l. What are guardian angels and does everyone have one?
  • 2. How do I communicate with my angels?
  • 3. Is there a better time to talk with or ask angels for assistance?
  • 4. How do angels help people become more prosperous?
  • 5. Why is visualization so important to success?
  • 6. Are there remedies for more strength and energy?
  • 7. Can angels help people find happiness?
  • 8. Will angels help reduce stress and help a person find peace and comfort?
  • 9. Are angels judgmental or critical of human behavior?
  • 10. Are affirmations beneficial for success and prosperity?
  • 11. Do I have to be religious to receive the benefit of angelic support?
  • 12. Can a person’s angels help others they care about to become prosperous?
  • 13. Is there a benefit in knowing the names of my guardian angels?
  • 14. Do pets have angels as well as people?
  • 15. How will a person’s life change if angels are included in one’s daily life?

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